Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Many Faces Of Me

Linda over at 2nd Cup is hosting a "I See What You Are Saying" video party today. People are invited to participate by making a short video of themselves, so everyone can see them and hear them as well. I think it sounds like a fun idea, however our video camera is not working, and a new one is not in the budget yet. Since I am not able to participate in allowing people to hear me, I thought I could allow people to at least see different sides of me.
So here are the many faces of me:

Look at young I used to be. No laugh lines,
no double chin, no wrinkles.
Ah, the good ol' days.
This is my "Look honey, I forgot my teeth
on the nightstand " face

This is my "I love puppy breath" face

This is my "If I look serious, I bet that'll make
me appear smart" face

This is my "so I'm the oldest, yet the shortest,
but no I'm not bitter" face

This is my "I sure wish she would have used a
tissue when she sneezed" face

Hot flashes - enough said

This is my "I look too innocent to be guilty" face

This is my "I love chocolate" face

This is my "So what do you think of my nose job?" face
This is my "it's summer, we have 437% humidity,
so my hair will NOT go straight, so let's just deal with it" face

This is my "no more eggnog for me" face

This is my "I'm serious, you take one more picture of me
and mama will take you to the dark side" face
This is my "looks like I forgot to take my meds again" face

This is my "Quick, I'm dressed up, hair done, & I'm wearing
make-up so somebody better take a picture quick" face

So there you have the many faces of me. Not a video, but you are still
able to get the sense of just how strange this farm mama really is.


DidiLyn said...

Dena, you are so creative even without the video camera. I loved the sneeze one and the last call on the egg nog one. FUNNY!
Nice to meet ya!

DEb said...

Your not strange!!!!! But you are beautiful....in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE...even the "mean" looking faces... hahahhaa.... how creative!! I love it, Dena!!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

You funny girl! This was a very creative alternative to the video thing. I loved the "forgot my teeth" one and the sneeze face. Hilarious! :-D

Debi said...

LOL!!!!!! Yes, you ARE strange! LOL