Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Lance & Melissa

Today is the birthday of my brother Lance, and here's the ironic's also the birthday of his wife Melissa. How crazy is that? Although, it pretty much guarantees that he can't ever claim to forget when she has a birthday. LOL Lance and Melissa got married this past August, and I love having her for a sister-in-law. She is a lot of fun and has a great sense of humor. Family and her faith are very important to her, and that makes her a great fit with our family.

My brother is a great guy. Very hard working and I would trust him with anything...well, except my husband, because he'd probably steal him away on some exotic golf trip and they'd never come back. I think Lance was almost as excited as I was when I announced that Jay and I would be getting married. This poor guy grew up with 3 sisters. I was older, and the other 2 were younger. And we sisters did a good job making sure he knew we were in charge. We would tag team wrestle against him and it was always at least 2 of us against him, because after all we were "weak girls". Boys are much stronger. To our defense, he was the goofball who fell for it...time after time after time. LOL

Oh, and I'm pretty sure he had to always go to the bathroom outside, because with 3 girls in the house, I'm guessing the bathrooms were hardly ever free. While he had plenty of hot wheels and Star Wars characters in his room, he was stuck playing by himself, unless he joined us in playing Barbies or House. Could we have joined him playing with his stuff? Sure, but we outnumbered him, so yea, that wasn't going to happen. My announcing that I was getting married meant he FINALLY had a brother. And he was getting a brother who enjoyed golfing as much as he did. I'm sure Lance was thrilled!
I couldn't be happier having anyone else for my brother or my sister-in-law. I hope you both have an awesome birthday and get a chance to celebrate yourselves! Love ya!

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The Naths said...

Thanks so much! That was such a sweet birthday dedication. Lance and I read it last night. =)