Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Music Concert

My son had a high school music concert this past Monday night and it was bitter sweet for me. My girls were always very active in choir and band (which are talents they obviously did not get from me) and this was the first concert after their graduation. It was odd and a little sad to not see them up there. I knew exactly where they always stood and who they stood by. I knew that one of Ashley's friends stood on the opposite end of the curved risers and it was always just a matter of time before they would look at each other and get the giggles.

I take comfort in things I know.

I'm sitting in the auditorium on Monday night and the students came walking out in the choir robes that they always wear. I knew they wore them, but it never dawned on me that my "baby boy" is now old enough to wear one of those robes. It actually shocked me when he came walking out. Then I sat there looking at him, with all these "big kids" and it forced me to have to realize that he is now one of those big kids.

He has a very nice singing voice, and he's talented with singing, but to me his singing voice doesn't fit him at all. Have you ever heard a radio DJ and when you see them live you are shocked because they didn't seem to "match" with their voice? That's the way I feel about Austin. He's not a big person and I don't think he looks like someone who will be 16 in a few short months. He's about 5'7" and maybe 110lbs. And this small-statured young looking young man sings bass. Bass. To me, a bass singer is someone much larger in size (silly I know). I really enjoy listening to him when he sings along with the radio because that deep voice coming out of his mouth always amazes me.

It was a good concert, but I wish there was a way that the choir director could stand in the back of the auditorium or something, because for the majority of the concert, this was what I was able to see:
I had an overwhelming urge to yell "Hey Mr. Director, sir...I wanna see my boy! MOVE YOUR KEESTER!" Of course my super helpful sister-in-law who was sitting to my right was really sweet by constantly reminding me of how well she was able to see him. The only time I could see him perfectly was during the part of the choir where only the boys sing, and the director was off to the side playing piano.

After the singing part of the concert was over, we all congregated in the gymnasium for the band portion. At the first concert of the year they always do a marching band performance in the gym and I love it because the drums really echo in there and everything sounds so much louder than it does out on the football field.

I only got one picture of Austin and that was as he was marching in to get into position.

The rest of the time he stood directly behind a young man who is at least 6'2". THIS is how you can tell that the band director is a man and has no children in the band. Women would think about things like moms wanting to take pictures, and she would position them accordingly. If the band director had a child in high school you can bet his wife would bring that up over supper.

So the first concert of the year is over and it was a success. Bitter sweet though it was, I still enjoyed it and am glad I have at least 4 more years of concerts to sit through.


DEb said...

I hate that they have to grow up!! However, he is very handsome....and EXTREMELY talented!! I just realized our kids are just a month or so apart...mine will be 16 on Nov.11th...

Yes, we have MUCH in common!!teehee..

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

OH wow, I can't imagine being where you are right now. (heart swells) My baby is still 4.

Although I've passed through my first "bitter sweet" phase of moving totally out of the "baby" realm. It only gets harder, doesn't it?

Dena @ Green Acres said...

It is very hard having them grow up. I never realized how hard until this year. All I can say is treasure the time you have with them. It still seems like yesterday my girls were driving me crazy and I can remember standing there thinking "Just hang on, one of these days they'll go to school."