Monday, October 20, 2008

Pet Expo

Yesterday I went to the Pet Expo with one of my daughters. We took Gabby & Tucker along. Gabby wasn't amused. She is afraid of her own shadow, and I warned dear daughter we should just leave her home, but she insisted we take her along. Well, as I suspected Gabby spent most of her time either hiding behind one of us, or wanting to be held. A social butterfly she is not.
Tucker on the other hand thought this was almost Paradise! I say almost Paradise, because if there would have been a spot for the dogs to be off leash running and playing together, then to him it would have definitely been Paradise. He loved seeing all the other dogs and it never entered his mind that they all might not want to be best buds with him. He couldn't tug on the leash hard enough or have me move fast enough to get from one thing to sniff to another. They also had miniature horses and donkeys there that were rescues up for adoption and to him they were just another big dog that he wanted to play with.
The expo has many different booths including items for sale such as different foods, collars, leashes, beds, jackets, and treats. And they also had booths offering services including boarding, grooming, and even one company who will come and scoop the poop from your yard for you (God bless them, because that's not a job I'd want).
They had different demonstrations at the Expo that we watched. We saw them do agility and I so wish the classes for that were closer to us, because I believe Tucker would LOVE to do that. Then again, that would mean he'd have to have an attention span longer than 3 seconds and that's pushing it for this little guy. I don't know if Tucker is just loving life
now that he's out of the mill, or if this would be his personality regardless, but he is the happiest, most energetic little thing I've ever had.
Later, Tucker and I went back and watched a "Leave it" competition where people entered their pets to see who would leave a yummy treat alone the longest. Yea, I know Tucker would have lasted as long as it would have taken for me to set it down and that's about it.
Other dogs weren't the only thing Tucker loved seeing. He loved flirting with people too. Whether he knew them or not, it didn't matter. If you paid attention to him, you were now his new best friend! My little Casanova was pretty free with the kisses.
The ride home was a quiet one, as Tucker was uh...tuckered out. He laid down on the back seat and never moved the entire way home. Running, playing, flirting and being cute are hard, exhausting work! He was ready for a nice long nap during the drive back to our place.
Once we got home he went straight for the water dish (they had water stations all around the expo, but Tucker didn't want to stop for any water at them). After that, he jumped up on the couch and went right back to sleep. My son decided that poor Tucker had earned some pampering, so he got him all comfy for a nice long snooze...

Can you say --- spoiled?

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