Monday, December 08, 2008

Austin vs. His Sisters

I have mentioned that Austin is the total opposite of his sisters and that couldn't be more true. They are extremely outgoing and talk non-stop. They also talk very fast. Austin on the other hand only talks when he has to. He is a great kid, with a big heart. He just doesn't say much. Ever. Here are some examples from past conversations that show you the differences:

Me: What time do I need to wake you up in the morning?
His Sisters: Well, that depends. I guess I could take my shower tonight and dry my hair so I wouldn't have to do that in the morning. But when I do that I hate how my hair looks. I think it looks much better when I wash it in the morning, don't you? Although, the other day when I washed it in the morning, I seriously had a bad hair day. It wouldn't have mattered when I washed it. It looked so bad it looked like I hadn't washed it ever! I could just pull it up in a bun or messy bun. But not if I'm dressing up. If I wear a sweatshirt and jeans it'd be ok though. I wonder what my friends are wearing tomorrow. Wait....what was the question?
Austin: 6:00

Me: What homework do you have tonight?
His sisters: I have math worksheets and they are soooo stupid. I mean seriously. There are two math teachers at our school. Why did I have to get stuck with Mrs. Thomas, the one who likes giving hours of homework every night. I mean, the other class doesn't have all these assignments to do. And it's not really even like, normal math. It's algebra. Alge-boring is more like it. Letters are for english, not math, duh. Although I am so happy I got Mr. Wilson for english, because he is so nice. I couldn't get my locker open one day and he let me out of class early to go get help from one of the janitors. He totally rocks.
Austin: math

Me: When is your friend coming to pick you up?
His sisters: Well, she's said she's coming at like 8 or 8:30. But, she can't ever decide what to wear. I mean seriously, she will try on like 5 different outfits and then end up wearing the first thing she tried on. And then she has to do her hair. She'll try it up, down, braided, straight, curly, everything and probably end up putting it in a ponytail anyhow. Did I tell you one time she got her curling iron stuck in her hair and she couldn't get it out. It like burned her hair. I was like 'Oh my gosh what did you do?' and she was like "My mom finally got it out, but we had to cut that part of the hair because it was singed." Oh my gosh, I am so glad that didn't happen to me. I would just die. Speaking of dying. Does your hair stop growing when you die?
Austin: 8:30.

Me: Would you like me to take you to the mall so you can do your Christmas shopping?
His sisters: That'd be awesome. But if we go to the mall, can we also go to Target? I mean, I want to get my sister this really cool scarf that I saw, 'cuz I know she'd totally love it. But, if I get her that, then I can't get one for you too, 'cuz everyone knows you can't get 2 people in the same family the same gift. So what else would you want for Christmas mom? I think I'll get Austin something for his car. Or maybe a video game. Does he need another basketball? I can't get him golf balls though, because I think I got him those last Christmas...or maybe for his birthday. Dad...hhhmmm. I know he likes tools, but I always get him tools. I have no clue what to get him.
Austin: Can you get me gift cards?

Me: What do you want to watch on tv tonight?
His sisters: America's Next Top Model is on. I can't believe Yolanda didn't get voted off. She is so fake and not nice at all. I mean, seriously, is Tyra so blind that she can't see right through her? Or, we could watch CSI: Miami with Heratio. He's good, but Eric is a lot cuter. How cool would that be to have Heratio as your dad? No offense dad. But seriously. He can find anything. If I lost my keys, he could totally find them. That would rock.
Austin: *shrugs shoulders*

Now do you see why I say it is soooooooo quiet in our house with the girls gone?


Debi said...

I am dying laughing because you're sooooooooo right! LOL

Anonymous said...

sounds familiar - times don't change

DidiLyn said...

oh my word, that is so typical, isn't it. You nailed it. Perfect and funny!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

It's hilarious, but also bittersweet. And by the way, I love Target's scarves!

Becky said...

Its just the opposite here. My boy will talk your ear off with completely random conversation... my girls... pretty quiet and to the point.