Saturday, December 06, 2008

Unbelievable Gift Idea

My sister Debi at Pursued By Love mentioned this on her site, and honestly, I figured she HAD to have read something wrong (sorry Debi). I mean, what she was writing about couldn't possibly be true. I read the article for myself and even googled a few other articles. Sadly, she was correct.

Planned Parenthood is offering gift certificates for the Holiday Season. Yes, you read that correctly. Debi has the link to the article on her site if you'd like to read about it. While they claim they are intended for preventative healthcare, they can also be used for abortions.

Let's put aside the whole abortion part of it, and the name of the establishment for now. I'm not downplaying that by any means, but let's pretend for just one second that this was a regular Joe Schmo gynecologist office offering these certificates. Just the idea of giving someone a gift certificate from a place like this is well, yucky. I for one would not appreciate opening any of them. Can you imagine sitting there with family and friends opening gifts and you open one of the following certificates:

$25 off your next pap smear

This certificate is good for one free pelvic exam

Buy one package of birth control pills and get the 2nd one free

I mean, come one. Is there anyone out there who would really enjoy getting one of those? This is taking "hard to buy for" a little too far.

Putting back in the fact of what this "organization" is, what they stand for, and all they do offer, it really makes me sad to think this is where we are heading as a country.

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The Naths said...

That was my thought too! Yuck!!