Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Biggest Loser Finale

I am sooooo excited!

Biggest Loser had their finale show, and while I was unimpressed with the actual show, I was excited to find that Michelle won! I liked Michelle from the start, but she really "grew" on me over the weeks and became a favorite of mine. I am so happy for her that she won!!!

I didn't care for the finale this year. In the past they have had all the contestants (except for the finalists) come out and then they have them all sit and they talk to each one. This year they came out in small groups, were introduced and then quickly ushered off stage, basically undressing as they went, to hurry and get changed into their weigh-in outfits before the commericals were over. They took all that time to get dressed up in brand new beautiful outfits, and you saw maybe 2 minutes of those outfits, at the most.

And what was the stage floor made of? Pure ice? It was so ridiculously slick! How many people slipped and nearly fell down just trying to walk on it. Next year, I'd suggest the stage hands leave the floor buffer at home!

Also, there were some contestants who never even uttered a full sentence. If it weren't for these people, there would be no show, so give them their last few minutes of fame and talk to them. They've earned it.

But, while I wasn't impressed with the technicalities of the finale, I do love the show, and I am excited to know it'll start up again in January. Woot! Woot!

Here are Michelle's before and after photos. She lost a total of 110 lbs. Wow! Doesn't she look amazing?

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Debi said...

I TOTALLY agree with all your thoughts! I was totally disappointed in the finale -- what a let down! But, I was thrilled that Michelle won! I'm curious, do you know her %? It would be interesting to see if she still would have won had Heba been in the top 3, because her % was higher than Ed's. Either way, I'm glad Heba wasn't in it and that Michelle won! She just LOOKED ALIVE, too; whereas, Ed and Vicky looked 'dead' still, just a skinny dead! LOL I so wish they would have let more people talk.....way way too many commercials!!!!!!!!! I'm glad it's starting up again soon! :)