Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prayer Request

Genetics can be a bad thing and for Ashley, this couldn't be more true than it is right now. This morning Jay and I will drive her to an Oral Surgeon. My mother made the same trip with me back when I was 18. The reason Jay is coming along is because we are supposed to get a bad snowstorm coming in later this morning and the roads could already be getting "iffy" when Ashley is awake and ready to go home, and I do not like driving in bad weather.

When I was Ashley's age, I had wisdom teeth wanting to come in, but there was no room for them, so they were starting to shift and turn, and if left alone, they would come out the sides of my gums. So, I had surgery to cut them out. To say it wasn't fun is an understatement! The only upside I can recall was that my Grandmother made me a HUGE bowl of homemade tapioca pudding, which was my favorite. It made me feel so special knowing she did that for me.

Now it's Ashley's turn to make the trip. She has the same problem I have and her wisdom teeth are starting to turn as well. She would rather not do this over her Christmas break, but then again, this is the best time so she wouldn't miss school, dance, or work. Plus, we scheduled it early enough that she'll be good as new again by Christmas Eve. She'll have the surgery at 8:45 this morning.

I took her shopping and let her pick out some soft foods that she'd like to have on hand since that will pretty much be here diet for a couple of days. She's a picky eater so she only chose a couple of kinds of pudding & jello and then she chose some applesauce. She doesn't drink sodas, so I let her splurge and get some canned pink lemonade (her fav).

Identical twins can have up to 20% of their genetic make-up be different, and Chelsea is thrilled beyond belief that for her - wisdom teeth apparently are in that 20%. LOL

I'm sure Ashley will do just fine. But still, I'd like to ask for prayers so that she doesn't have too much discomfort to deal with.

And if you don't mind, could you also say an extra prayer that we make it home before the weather gets too bad. My nerves and I would really appreciate it. :)

I'll be sure to update later today, so anyone reading this can check back in this afternoon or evening if you want to know how she did.

UPDATE - 2:00pm

Ashley had her surgery this morning and did great. The surgeon said her wisdom teeth were definitely impacted and were under some bone and tissue, so it was a good thing she got them out before they caused her a lot of pain down the road.

We stopped at the Pharmacy on the way home and got her stocked up on her prescription drugs:
Penicillin - to prevent any infections
Motrin - prescription strength - to help with the swelling
Hydrocodone - for pain (or as Ashley calls them, her "happy pills")

The weather started getting worse the further we drove and we were glad we got home before it got too bad. We ended up getting home around 1:30pm and Austin was let out of school due to the weather at 1:45.

We are all now home safe and sound and Ashley is sleeping in her bed. Thanks to all for the comments here, the emails, phone calls and texts. Ashley grinned when I told her she had so many prayers that were sent up for her, and people checking on her.

Then again, maybe that was a drug induced grin?

UPDATE - 9:30pm

Ashley has been on her phone for the better part of the last hour. Her friends are all concerned with how she's doing and want to check in. Her surgeon called me to see how she was doing and I said "Well, she's been talking away on her cell phone, so I'm thinking she's doing pretty good". He laughed and said "Uh, yea, if you have teenager and they aren't on their phone, then that would mean she's having a lot of pain, so I'm guessing we can rule that out with her". LOL

Ashley did say that they told her she would probably feel worse tomorrow than she does today, and she said that's why she's talking to her friends today. That way if she is hurting tomorrow she can just text them instead. Then she took another pain pill and said she was going to bed.

I'm guessing she's going to be just fine. :)


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I just prayed for you and your sweet family, Dena. I will check back later to see how she's doing.

DEb said...

Aww...I'll be praying for that precious girl... I KNOW how that is too!! I sure do think your twins are ADORABLE... I have ALWAYS wanted twins. Keep us posted!!

Praying for the weather too!!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Thanks for the update...I'm glad everything went well and y'all are home safe and sound.

BTW, I totally meant to link to you in my post and forgot to back and do it. I finally fixed it though. :-)

Y'all stay warm tonight!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Dena, just read this post and I'm remembering Ashley too. Hope that there aren't any negative side effects.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It blessed me to read it. Merry Christmas!