Thursday, December 11, 2008

Go Ashley! Go Ashley!

I am so excited and proud that I just have to share.

*Brag alert! Brag alert!*

Consider yourself warned.

Ashley has taken general ed classes this semester as all first year kids do in the first semester. She is hoping to do a double major of Nursing and Spanish. Saying that's what you want to do though is not enough. You have to prove worthy. And you prove your worthiness by taking tests.

She took 4 yrs of spanish in high school, but she still had to take a level test for Spanish. There are 4 levels a student can start out at in Spanish, although most start out at level 1 or 2. Ashley passed ahead to level 3! She is so happy to get to the level where you speak in full sentences, not just the basics. She loves Spanish and it seems to come very easily to her. Her professor said that should pretty much guarantee her that she'll get her Spanish major in 4 yrs. Oh, and the Spanish students get to take up to 2 trips per year. One is to a spanish speaking country and one is to a place here in the U.S. that is a spanish speaking community. They do community service work during their trips, and she found out that over Spring Break they will travel to Mexico. She is beyond excited! I'm calling her professor to see if they need chaperones because I would love to go!

For nursing, she had to take a placement test. The basic core subjects are on the test, and you must get at least 70% to pass. If you don't pass, you don't get to start the nursing classes. You have to take the gen. ed classes over again and try taking the test again at the end of the next semester. She was extremely nervous about the math part, because, well, she is my daughter, and math is not something we are naturally good at. She's been working really hard and she said that she and the other potential nursing students have been studying together and quizzing each other to hopefully help. She took her test on Tuesday. She got 85%! She even got a 92% on the math section! I jokingly asked her "Did you cheat?" She laughed and said that's what her roommate asked too. LOL So in January she'll offically be classified as a first year nursing student. Woot! Woot!

I know that what she is done is not something that no one has ever done before. But you have to know that while Ashley has always been a good student, it doesn't come naturally for her and she has to work hard for the grades she gets.

She has worked hard to pass both of those tests. She worked hard while working hard on other things as well. She has 3 other finals she has had to study for besides these 2 tests. She had exhausting daily dance team practice as they prepared for the State competition, and to get ready for the basketball season performances, and she works every day at an elementary school. How in the heck she finds time to study is beyond me.

She'll be home on Friday night after her last final, and she doesn't have to go back until Jan 5th. It will be so fun to have her home, and I told her I'd make her favorite meal (whatever she chose to that to be) for supper to celebrate. She said "Mom, I live on cafeteria food. Anything home made is my favorite meal".


Anonymous said...

We are Very proud of Ashley and know once a mind is made up - one can accompolish!! GO ASHLEY!!

Anonymous said...

go Ashley! and cool to go on your college daughters spring breaks...hee

Chatty Kelly said...

Well, of course you should brag!!! Who wouldn't. That is exciting news. Congrats!

Becky said...

Sheesh, I'm worn out just reading about her accomplishments. If nothing else she has earned your bragging rights.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I feel your pride and joy coming through, and I rejoice with you! Because I have kids at just the same spot in life, I can so relate. And I have one who works hard for every grade that she gets, too, and she gets good ones, so I specifically understand your pride in that. With that Spanish at her command, she will employable anywhere at any time, esp. in nursing!