Friday, December 12, 2008

Basketball Fever

The high school basketball season is underway again this year, which means that from December until March my butt will be planted on a bleacher in any number of gyms around the area. It's been weird though so far this year. Last year was crazy. Austin played ball in junior high, which meant games twice a week. Ashley was a cheerleader, & Chelsea was in the pep band so they had games 2-3 other nights a week. Both girls were on the dance team as well, so they performed at most home games also. We were committed to being in gyms possibly 5 nights out of 7, during any given week.

We will still get to see Ashley dancing on the sidelines at some of her college basketball games, but now we just have Austin on a daily basis, and he's playing "big boy bask-a-ball" which is what he used to say he wanted to do when he got bigger. And on nights when there are varsity games, he plays in the pep band or does the video taping of the game for the coach. He no longer plays in the old middle school gyms, but in the big high school gyms. Instead of just a scattering of a few parents at the games, there are quite a few people there. And it's physical - much more physical.
The increased physical aspects of being older causes problems for Austin's team. They just are not a big aggressive group of guys. Austin's 5'7", but just this Fall he finally broke 100lbs. He's also very laid back and easy going, and so are the majority of kids on their team. The rest of the team is also small in size with the exception of one or two boys. This group of boys has played together in tournaments since 4th grade and size has always been their weakness. They are very knowledgable about the game and a very talented group of kids....they just aren't bigger, aggressive "killers". And unfortunately we play against kids who are.

They played a team recently who went above and beyond aggressive, to dirty and throwing cheap shots. I can't stand when a team resorts to that. To me, it shows a lack of talent and ability when you have to do things like that.I give our kids credit though. They never retaliated or stooped to their level. Even when Austin got knocked to the floor (see him on the floor in the picture?) he just got up and walked away. Of course he had to pick up his glasses that had gotten knocked off, and he had to wipe the blood from his mouth, but as least the ref saw it and did call a foul. And I restrained myself from going and having a talk with those boys mamas.
This same team has no sportsmanship whatsoever. A different kid from that team went up for a shot, was fouled and fell down. Austin didn't foul him, but he went over and offered his hand to help the kid up. The kid just swatted Austin's hand and got up on his own. I couldn't believe he was that rude. The respect definitely isn't there.
So anyhow, basketball is what my life will revolve around for the next few months.
I will have "bleacher butt".

I will be a part of the "Mom Squad" (Moms who sit together and do all the cheers with the cheerleaders).

I will eat more shriveled hot dogs and stale popcorn than I care to admit.

I will do my best to not yell at the refs (no promises, but I will try).

I will have more and more miles put on my Vue as we travel up to 2 hours away for a game.

Why? Because I'm a basketball mom and I love it. And that's how we roll.

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