Saturday, December 20, 2008

Little Mommy Doll

***Edite to add: I was in Target this afternoon and found the doll mentioned below. I heard what she says with my own ears. Every third time she talks, she says what is listed below. Scary. Very very scary!

My sister Debi shared a YouTube video on her blog about a doll that is being sold in stores. It is by Mattel's Fisher-Price and it's called:

Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle And Coo Doll.

The doll has a chip in it so it coos and jabbers and says "Mama"

Cute, am I right?

And the FP site says: Our Recommended Age: 3 - 7 years

Very influential years, am I right?

This is what FP says about the doll: “These adorable babies want to reach out and hug you! Their sweet cooing, giggling and realistic newborn hugging motions will have little girls wanting to snuggle and cuddle them right off the shelf! Each doll comes with a sweet soothing pacifier, rattle toy, bottle and their very own birth certificate so girls can name her baby, too.”

Any of us with daughters would know that our little girls would probably LOVE a doll like this, am I right?

Well there is more to this doll than originally meets the eye. On the first couple of passes, the doll does just coo and say "Mama". But after that another sentence is added in:

"Islam is the light"

Think I'm kidding? Watch this short Fox News YouTube video:

Or here is a longer video that Debi shared:

Or do a search for the doll and you will find many many articles and videos regarding this doll.

And get this:

Fisher Price is still standing strong by their statement that all of the sounds are random cooing. They will not be recalling the dolls.

Read that again.

One more time.

Random cooing? Are they kidding me?

This doll is not being sold as a religious doll. And you can bet your sweet bippy that if the doll said "Jesus is the light", it would be ripped off the shelves faster than you can imagine. Yet, they are not going to recall these dolls.

I for one am glad my children are beyond the age of playing with dolls and other things made by Mattell and/or Fisher Price, and I will never buy another FP toy unless they admit how wrong this is and recall the doll.


DEb said...

WOW...I am going to go the store and hear that doll say that!!! That is SO BIZARRE..and you are right, if it said Jesus is the light, it would have been yanked faster than the doll could say it!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed!!!! I am so glad we out of this stage, however our concerns are for grandchildren,great and great-great, etc. So much going on and 'what a country'.......