Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Chelsea is sort of like me. Ok, truth be told, she is a LOT like me. And in some ways thats a good thing, but in other ways...yea, not so good. We both are independent, strong-willed and stubborn. You can imagine how much fun it is in our house if we both happen to have PMS at the same time.

But outside of that, she and I can have so much fun together! She is not afraid to be silly, and she has embraced the "redneck" fun that we have at the fair. As a matter of fact she and I tend to break out in redneck accents almost daily. No one else laughs, but we crack ourselves up!

Chelsea has been flitting around like a bumble bee doing her laundry, cleaning her room, and asking for boxes for the past several days. She's moving out to her new apartment today. We knew it was coming, and we knew when. But to be honest, with all that has been going on lately, it kind of got put on the backburner in my brain. Or maybe I was just trying to ignore it, in the hopes she'd forget about it.

I am trying very hard to be happy for her. I remember how excited I was when I moved to my first apartment. I couldn't wait to decorate MY room, and lay in MY bed, in MY apartment. It meant I was a grown-up and I loved how that felt. I'm trying to remember those feelings, but I have to admit that it's hard. I was just starting to get used to the idea that Ashley doesn't live here anymore, and now I have to get used to it with Chelsea too.

And to top it off, she nearly gave me a massive heart attack. I kid you not.

Last night she went out with her boyfriend. They have dated for 2 yrs and we know they continually get more serious about their relationship. Last night she was excited because her boyfriend had told her to dress up a little bit. He was going to take her out on a "real date", a "special date", meaning just the two of them, instead of going out with their group of friends.

Chelsea did her hair and make-up, and painted her nails. She wore an adorable top & jacket she has and she wore heels with her jeans. She looked beautiful.

About 2 hrs passes after she had left, and here is the text message I get:

"Mom, omg I am so excited I could cry, you will never guess what Clint just gave me as an early Christmas gift".

I honestly felt like I had a boulder on my chest. I looked up at the heavens and said "Oh dear Lord, please do not let it be something small and shiny that fits on her left finger".

I reluctantly asked what it was and after what seemed like an eternity she replied with:

"He rented a limo for our date, because I had said how I had never been in one before. Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever?"

Thank you dear Jesus! I can handle a limo. Limos are good!

She ended up calling me a couple of minutes later so excited that I am thinking she might have been floating above the limo seat. She said it was also a "congratulations on moving to your apartment" gift as well. She went on and on giving me every little detail of the limo. I kept asking if her boyfriend was still there, and would he maybe appreciate it if she hung up from me and went back to her date with him. She said "Nah, the limos moving, so he can't go anywhere anyhow." "What a great week...tonight my first limo ride and then tomorrow my first apartment!" And every little bit she'd let out a squeal of glee.

Even though I'm sad she's leaving, when I hear that kind of happiness and excitement in her voice, it's hard to not be happy and excited for her.

Spread your wings and fly my baby girl. Spread your wings and fly.

Just make sure you come back to the nest once in a while. Mama bird will miss you.

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Debi said...

Awww...that's so sweet!