Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Heart You Matt

Last Fall when we upgraded my phone, part of my birthday present was that I got to get a Blackberry. I have been wanting one for a long time, because I loved the idea of being able to sync my calendar computer to my phone and have both updated all the time. Plus all my contacts, etc would be with me all the time. Being able to have internet access was a bonus, but not a priority for me.

It took me quite a while to figure out my phone. I'm very technically challenged to say the least, plus I don't handle change well, so for a lengthy amount of time I complained about this item I had wanted for so long.
What really upset me the most was that I lost my ringtones. I had 4 ringtones on my previous phone. They are ones I have had for a long time and I don't care if they are cool or not, but I wanted them back. Unfortunately, each time I tried to look on my Blackberry it made it appear to my technically challenged brain that I could no longer just buy songs individually. I had to pay a $10 monthly fee and then I could download as many ringtones as I wanted.

I don't want thatthankyouverymuch. I want my 4 songs and that was all.

There's no way I was going to pay $10 each month just so I could have my beloved ringtones. So I shed a tear (ok, not really, but it's good for a dramatic effect) and said goodbye to them. I've come to accept the boring "riiiiing, riiiing, riiiing on my Blackberry, although I have never liked it.

I've been having some "issues" with my phone and have been really frustrated with the lack of good service I have been getting on the phone or online. Saying I've been frustrated is a nice way of saying I was pulling my hair out.

Yesterday I had some errands to run and I happened to see that the new Verizon store was open, so I stopped in to see if could get help there.

There I met my new bff ... Matt.

I explained the troubles I was having and he helped get them figured out. Since that went so well, I decided to tell him my ringtone dillema. He said the best words I've heard in a long time:

"Oh but you sure can still download one ringtone at a time if you want to."

I nearly jumped across the counter and gave this stranger a hug. Scandalous!

Matt showed me how to do that on my phone and he also showed me how to download them online.

As I left, I thanked him very much and then said "I heart you Matt. You have made my day." Then I was embarrassed when I realized I actually did say that outloud, so I quickly exited the shop.

Once I got home, I ran to the computer and sure enough.....THERE WERE MY RINGTONE SONGS! I bought each of them again and then I had my family call me so I could make sure they worked (all except Austin who's in school). And yes, I'm sure my whole family knows by now what a dork I can be sometimes.

So If Jay calls me I hear: It's Your Love (Faith Hill & Tim McGraw)
If Ashley or Chelsea calls me I hear: Daddy's Little Girl (Michael Bolton)
If Austin calls me I hear: International Harvestor (Craig Morgan)
And if anyone else calls me I hear: Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing (SheDaisy)

The last song might seem like an unusual choice for me to be wanting to have back so badly, but that song reminds me of the bible verse I try to remember about not worrying.

Oh I am such a happy camper! I really do heart you Matt. :)


sara said...

nice to know there ARE some helpful employees out there!!! Can matt move to our verizon store?

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

LOL! My hubby and I were JUST having this conversation yesterday because we both got new phones. It's so hard to get used to.

I'm glad you ran into Matt and got your ringtones back! It's the little things in life, huh? ;)