Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nature's Beauty

A couple of nights ago we were driving home around 10pm and it was very very foggy. Like, don't drive much over 30mph kind of foggy. I found that really bizarre because it was also around -10 degrees outside. How could you have fog when it was so ridiculously cold?

I have not attempted to hide my dislike of Winter. I admit it and I own up to it. But just when I am starting to look online for lakefront property someplace where it doesn't snow and they put umbrellas in my drinks, God gives me something to smile at right here in the frozen tundra.

The fog was still as thick as pea soup the next morning. Around 10:00am it started to lift and it left ice crystals on everything outside. Look at these two trees in front of our home:

How incredibly beautiful are they? They looked like the Christmas trees you can buy that have been flocked. These pictures don't really do them justice though. To see them in person was almost breath taking.
Ok, this is one thing you don't get to see in those tropical locations, so I guess that helps make winter, uh likeable? No. Enjoyable? No. Let's go with....tolerable.


sara said...

they are beautiful!!! I wish I could see them in person....wait, no I don't! :)

Greg C said...

They are beautiful but I am still glad I am down south where it is warmer. I am a summer person. But they are nice to look at. :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...