Thursday, January 15, 2009

Old Man Winter Is Getting On My Nerves

I have never hid the fact that I don't like Winter. But not wanting to be known as a whiner, I have actually tried to make nice with Winter. I have thought to myself "You know, honestly, this is not so bad. Yes it's cold, but as long as the roads are clear I can deal with the cold. Ok Winter, it's cold, but I will tolerate you with no whining."

Then the snows came.

Then the winds came.

It became whiteouts and blizzards that forced us indoors.

Snow continued all day and night, making it dangerous to drive anywhere.

And winter laughed at me. It mocked me, saying "No whining huh?" Let's see how you feel about this.....

Winter created nasty drifts. High enough to cover the 4' fence we had for our dogs (you can see the top of one section of it in the back towards the left side).

Winter created higher and higher drifts. Ones that reached up to the 6' fences and beyond.

Even in the shallowest of spots, the snow was up to Tuckers belly and he was not amused. After all, it's hard to go potty when your um... "woohoo" is buried in snow.

Still we did not whine. We kept singing "We Shall Overcome" (ok, not really, but go with it).
Then Winter brought forth dangerous wind chills. Cold enough to send Weathermen into a frenzy. Warnings were issued. Schools were closed. Panic erupted!
Dogs who don't understand the word "Windchill" continued to run over the snow, until their paws were frozen and they were stuck, unable to walk, meaning we had to go rescue them. Of course, with us weighing more than 12-15 pounds, we sunk to at least knee deep and were not amused.

Still we did not whine. We muttered unkind things to Winter under our breath, but we did not whine.

We had to take the dogs out one at a time on a leash to find a rare shallow spot, since there were no places for them to go to the bathroom. When it's -30 or worse windchills, it seems you are out there for hours!

We muttered under our breath at Winter some more. But still we did not whine.

Then my dear husband did a wonderful thing. He bought a snowblower. We have a large blower on our tractor, and a blade on the front of his truck, but this will do smaller areas....and most importantly, it will create potty places for the dogs. And they will rejoice!

I now laughed at Winter, because my man has outsmarted it! Go ahead and mock me Winter. Go ahead, I dare you!

Then dear husband showed me how to run the snowblower because he said it's something I will probably do most of the time while he's running the tractor and truck.

Ummmmm.....Excuse me? Wait...What? Me? Outside? Right now? Pushing that machine? Out in the cold?

Ok Winter, you win. You got me. I am not happy, and yes under my 6 layers of clothing....I am whining.


sara said...

I will out right say that "I do not like winter"! And this warm weather girl, lived through some doosies in ND and IN!!! I look at your pictures and thank God I am back in the south!!!!

But you do look very cute with that snowblower!!

Becky said...

We got some snow but nothing like yours with the windchill and constant freezing temps. We are in California afterall. :-)

Love the pic of you pushing that snow blower.

DEb said...

I LOVE SNOW!!!!! You take great makes me miss home (stLouis)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

WOW. That is all I can say - WOW.

This is as foreign to me as China. Wow.

Dena said...

Sara - I keep trying to talk hubby into farming sugar cane instead of corn, but so far he's not agreeing.

Becky - I grew up in So. Calif, which is what makes me not like cold winters even more!

Deb - The snow on my acreage is free...come take all you want sweetie. I can promise you that I will not miss it one bit. LOL

Dena said...

Missy...I wish I could say the same thing. The worst part is that we still have almost 2 months to go before we can be sure it's finally warming up.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Whine, girl, whine! You TOTALLY deserve it.

I can't believe how much the North is getting pounded this Winter!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Mercy. I have never, ever seen that much snow in one place.

To the top of a fence! Wow. I agree with deserve to whine.

Can I just say that this morning when we woke up, I immediately sent a text message to everyone we know in Texas because it was 8 degrees?

Eight. Not eighteen below, no snow, no 25 mph winds. Just single digits. I couldn't believe it.

And here is my friend in all this. Whine away, sweetie. We'll hear ya. :-)