Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Our "Neigh"-bors In The Barn

We have 5 horses...although 2 are minis, and as my son says "When a horse is smaller than some dogs, they just don't count."

Our 3 full-size horses are Champ, Max & Doc. They have registered fancy-shmancy names, but these are their barn names.

Max is the baby of the group. He is 4 and a very sweet horse. Ashley got him from us as a Christmas gift when he was only 6 mo old. He was broke at age 2 and he's never thrown a single person. He's so calm and easy going, and he's got a sweet disposition.

Doc is 16, and like a rebellious teenager. He is a great horse and knows what he should and shouldn't do, however when Chelsea gets on him each Spring (after he hasn't been ridden most of the winter), he acts like a little brat. He won't listen and he misbehaves horribly. We then take him to a cousin's acreage where they train horses, and while he's there for a couple of weeks, Doc gets an attitude adjustment. He is forced to mind! When he comes back home he then behaves wonderfully. He is a sweetie, but boy can he be a stinker.

Champ is the "grandpa" of the group. I wrote about Champ and his health issues here. He is still going downhill slowly and the vet is pretty sure he has cancer. He is eating fine and the vet has assured us that he is not in any pain. If/when the time comes that he does have pain, a decision will have to be made, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

With the bitter cold we've been having, all 3 horses have stayed inside the barn most of the time. The other morning I was leaving and there stood all 3 as if in a line-up for inspection or something. I stopped the Vue and grabbed my camera phone because something about the way they just stood there, not moving, cracked me up. Maybe they are tired of winter as much as I am and were waiting for me to back up the trailer so we could head to a ranch in Arizona or something.

I sent the picture to both of my girls and one texted back: "That's funny! They remind me of the 'more bars' thing you see in commercials."

Here's our "more bars" horses:

Left to right: Grandpa Champ, Baby Max, and Teenager Doc

Here's a clearer picture of the 3 taken last summer.


sara said...

they do look as if they are saying "somebody please make it go away!!"

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

What a fun life! Horses are a little scary to me, but I love to look at them and be near them. I think it's hilarious that Doc has to go to "camp" to get his shorts straightened out1