Monday, February 16, 2009


This past Saturday was Gabriella's 8th birthday. Gabby is our tender-hearted little bichon. She believes everyone in the world loves her and she is very sensitive to people and their emotions.

I always make some kind of special treat for the dogs to enjoy. After that the birthday dog gets a couple of presents, which consists of a new collar and then they get a couple of new toys. Gabby carries small toys around in her mouth all the security blankets. When she is crated, she will whimper and whine unless she has at least one of her toys in with her. When she had to have surgery and stay at the vet hospital I took one of her toys along and the vet laughed when I said said it would make things much easier if they let her have it, but later she admitted I was right. She had never seen a dog so attached to a toy.

So here is Gabby's new collar for this year (isn't it cute? I love black and pink together), and her new toys:

They replace the old ones where she has killed the squeakers in them and dismembered them.

She really does love her toys and carries them everywhere, as this picture from a year ago shows! Right now, her new black and white cow is her favorite to carry everywhere.

For the treats, I made "Blueberry Birthday Pupcakes" which are cupcakes for dogs.

which is a recipe I got from this cookbook:

I really like this book because the recipes are all super easy. For example, for these pupcakes all you do is mix together a few simple ingredients, bake, cool & frost with cream cheese. So simple! And the dogs LOVED them. I froze the extra unfrosted pupcakes for future treats, which I know they'll enjoy.

Is it silly I do this for our dogs? Most definitely!

Am I sorry I do it? No way.

It's fun and they love the extra attention. Besides, it's much cheaper to spoil them than it is for me to consider having another child! ha!

Am I the only crazy one that does something for her pets...or are there more out there like me?


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I want to do this, I really do. But people do make fun of people like us. And sometimes I do feel guilty because she's a dog and not a human. I'm all confused about this issue. Can you tell I'm having a trying day?

Becky said...

I think its great. What fun it is to make your pups feel special and fill the "empty nest" feeling with something positive. We have never celebrated Flips bday but Probably would if my kids were grown and gone. We do buy her stuff for Christmas and let her rip them open.

I think its so cute that your dog carries her toys around.