Wednesday, March 04, 2009

David Vs Goliath

Last week the team that Jay helps coach, won the right to play in our girls state basketball tournament, and this past Monday evening they played in the opening round. They had to play against the top rated team in their class. It was going to be tough. To say they were the underdogs is an understatement.

The great Wilt Chamberlin once said "Everybody pulls for David, nobody roots for Goliath", and this was definitely a David & Goliath sort of game.

I was just so happy and proud that the coaches had helped guide this team to this point, so I was just going to stay cool and enjoy the game. But, it was a close game

the . entire . game .

It was so close (most of the time within 1-2 pts) that by the fourth quarter I told someone next to me "I swear I'm going to wet my pants before this game is over!" She moved away from me.

So much for staying cool.

David fought hard. Goliath appeared to have never faced a foe quite like David before, because at times he was nervous and made little mistakes.

The game went back and forth. Goliath would be ahead and David had to fight back. Then they'd be tied. Then David got ahead and Goliath had to fight back.

The villagers got excited. Could David actually win? Who would have thought this could really be happening? The villagers were freaking out (I for one considered asking if anyone around happened to bring some valium with them)!

Sadly, David did not win the hard fought battle. When game ended, David was down by 2 points. But that was ONLY 2 points!

Against the #1 top ranked team...who are expected to win the whole tournament. In my mind that makes it almost a David style victory. No one figured we'd be anywhere near this team as far as ability.

As I listened to people before the game, they all believed this was going to be a total blow-out. But giving up and quitting are obviously two things the coaches and players never allowed themselves to even consider. It was such an exciting game to watch!

Michael Jordan said "You have to expect great things of yourself before you can do them." Our coaches not only believed their team could do great things, they expected them to do it.

And the team did not disappoint.


Anonymous said...

We tried to pick up the play by play on the radio,no luck,but did hear the score the next morning. It was a disappointment - loss by 2 - but they did play a good one and know they gave it their all. It was still a great year to say congrats to all of them....

Joyce said...

congrats on a great season!