Monday, March 30, 2009

Foot Bath

I've had scads of people (three) who have asked me if I felt the detox foot bath I had done last week, did anything for me. After giving it a couple of days (since I didn't know what all it was supposed to be able to do, or how long it would take)I can firmly, confidently, and knownly say without hesititaion.....


I have to be honest and say that I'm disappointed by this too. What with the mineral rocks around me, and the flute music serenading me, oh and she also left the light off in the room so it wouldn't be too overwhelming for me. In spite of all that, I got nada. Nilch.

Nuttin' honey.

That night I was in a great mood, and Jay said I seemed wound up. I suppose that could be due to the bath, however, I don't feel that was the reason.

I have been trying for MONTHS to find a doctor or someone who would not only LISTEN to me and what I was going through, but to have compassion enough to be willing to HELP me to feel better. I had finally met someone that day. She talked with me and she really listened. She let me giggle nervously, and she didn't laugh or scoff at me when tears came to my eyes as I said how grateful I was that she was going to help me. So I honestly believe my good mood was due to that and not the bath...but maybe I'm wrong.

It was relaxing, but then again I have a hot tub in my sunroom, so I can get a whole body soaking (without the yucky pond scum) for free, so no, I will not be signing up for any future sessions.

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tiffany said...

Glad you were able to find someone to listen to you, why is that so hard to find now days?