Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 13

Sunday 3/22

I tried the prescription sleep aid the doctor recommended and it was not pretty. I hallucinated and was violently ill from it. Here is where I spent most of my Sunday. Sorry if that's a little TMI for some of you...I'm all about keepin' it real. ha!

Monday 3/23

We had our first thunderstorm of the season. The vet has Ringo (our 10 yr old bearded collie mix who is terrified of storms) on "doggie valium" during storms.

Tuesday 3/24

We attended my son's end of the season high school basketball banquet. This is a picture of Austin receiving his Freshman team award.

Wednesday 2/25

Chelsea was in an accident, and once the insurance check arrived Jay went car shopping with her and they got her this Grand Am. Since she didn't have to work after classes today, she brought the car home so I could see it.

Thursday 3/26

This little guy is the poster kitty for why I keep trying so hard to catch the wild cats that keep showing up at our farm & getting them spayed & neutered. He is missing an ear, he is blind in one eye, and he only has a stump for a tail. These are a result from too much in-breeding going on, and it causes these kinds of abnormalities. We have others who look worse. Fortunately, this guy is now tame and as soon as he's old enough he'll be off to see the vet.

Friday 3/27

We had some bananas I needed to get used up, so I made up a couple batches of banana muffins. Obviously I need to work on my ability to take good look photos of baked goods, because this picture almost makes my poor muffin look moldy. LOL

Saturday 3/28
We had a Saturn Vue, which we love, except for the fact that it is a front-wheel drive. That's ok except when trying to drive on gravel roads during the winter that are snowy & slushy. Then they are horrible! We have talked about trading and today we decided to do it. Our new Vue actually is almost identical to our old one other than color (our other was black) and this is all-wheel drive.

Be sure to click on the link in the side bar to head on over to Sara's place, who is the wonderful hostess for Project 365. You can check out her pictures and the other participants!


tiffany said...

Yikes, hope you're feeling better by now!

Anonymous said...

See you got the vue!!! GREAT(!), looks like the other one, only lighter (ha). Is it the same year?
Look forward to seeing in person.

Dena said...

Yep. Same year, almost the exact same mileage too. Just AWD and yes, lighter. :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Loved the list, Dena. I had never even heard of the Vue. And yes, your muffin had me concerned, as it has a bluish tinge on my monitor. But I believe you. My kids drive Grand Ams, too. Old ones.

Nise' said...

At least you had a pretty bathroom to spend time in ! LOL Did the foot bath make any difference yet? My chiro wants me to do the detox foot bath too.

Kim said...

I like the happy colors in your bathroom!

Similar problem with food photos, can't figure it out....hmmmm, maybe we need to ask the other project 365 participants for pointers :-)

skoots1mom said...

gr8 pics!!

Michelle said...

At least you had a nice bright bathroom to hang out in. :)

Esthermay said...

The fact that you can take a photo of your bathroom is proof you are a better housekeeper than the rest of us. OK. Just Me. :(

“Doggie Valium” that’s funny.

Poor kitty! My heart breaks for all the “extra” cats. Our housecat is a rescue from a nearby farm.

Nice pictures!