Tuesday, March 10, 2009

God Definitely Has A Sense Of Humor

Jay is sick, very sick. I really do feel bad for him. He has a sinus infection and bronchitis and I swear it sounds like he is coughing up a lung every time a coughing fit starts....which is about every 10 minutes. He looks miserable and sounds even worse.

However, I'm not being super sweet and compassionate to him, because he's being just plain ornery!

For example, I sweetly said "Hon, would you like me to fix you something to eat?" His comment was "Aren't I suffering enough?"

Later I was doing my normal humming (that I usually don't even know I'm doing) and he said "Oh please do not make the pain go to my ears too".

Around here I call those kinds of comments "snarky". And he was bordering on being professionally snarky!

At one point I said a prayer, outloud, so I could be sure he would hear it:

Dear God, please help my dear husband to feel better.
Please take away his sinus pain.
Take away his congestion.
Take away his cough.
Take away his smart mouth too while your at it.
Oh, and dear Father In Heaven, if you want to send a coughing fit his way everytime he says something snarky to me, that's just fine.

Jay laughed and said "Yea, as if God works that way. But that's a good try". I kid you not people, it wasn't 10 seconds later that one of his coughing fits started!

He claimed it was just a coincidence.

But a little while later we were watching Dancing With The Stars and I said something about how afraid I'd be to wear those tiny costumes and high heels and he said "Don't worry, they'd see how clutzy you are and they wouldn't ask you to dance"

.....and a coughing fit started.

Seriously, EVERY time he'd make a snarky comment, he'd start coughing. It was hysterical!!

And each time I'd smile and say a snarky voice .... "Thank you God".


Becky said...

SO FUNNY! You guys sound a lot like us. I can't believe your snarky prayer worked :-p

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Yeah, you got yourself a wild snark there. But God is clearly on your side.

Debi's friend Kelly said...

HA, HA! I loved this post, Dena!