Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Give The Girl A Robe

On this past Monday night the new season of Dancing With The Stars began. I've watched this show from time to time, but never have been a diehard, must-tivo if I'm not going to be home, kind of fan. However, this season is different. Shawn Johnson is competing.

I'm sure you've heard of Shawn. She's the young girl from right here in Iowa who became America's sweetheart of gymnastics at the Olympics. Rumor has it that she grew up wanting to be a gymnast after hearing her parents talk about seeing me in all my high kick glory as a high school cheerleader. Something about my front handsprings bringing a tear to their eyes. I cannot confirm or deny that rumor, and no, I have no idea how that rumor got started.

Oh, I kid.

I don't even personally know this young girl or her lovely parents. But not much exciting happens here in farm country other than when we party hardy once we know for sure the corn will be knee high by the fourth of July. So when a small town girl like Shawn makes it in the big time she kind of becomes the daughter of all of us. Plus, she's about the same age and height of my daughters, so I can relate to her mama...well except for the going to Bejing part, which is ok since we all know I'm not a fan of flying anyhow.

So any ways, Shawn gets a call one day and is asked to be on DWTS. That had to be so cool to get that call. Given the fact that I have lost any rythm I have ever had, sadly I know that's a call I will never receive. I noticed on the show that Shawn's parents were right there in the front row as they have been for years at all her gymnastic events. What good supportive parents they have been. However, there was one thing I am hoping they had issue with.....

Did you see how their little baby girl was dressed when she danced? Oh Mylanta! People! There had to be less than a half a yard of fabric in her entire outfit...and most of that was in her long skirt.

I don't consider myself to be a prude, but when you take into regards the age of a person there is appropriate, inappropriate, and go get a robe on NOW, kind of clothing. In my opinion, Shawn needed a robe. In the picture above you can see that there is no back to her dress - just 3 or 4 thin little straps of fabric across her back. That's the way it was in the front basically. It was cut clear down to her belly button...her BELLY BUTTON, with just 2 strips of fabric holding each front section together. As a mom, I kept having the urge to cover my tv screen. I don't know that I could handle seeing one of my girls dressed like that. And Shawn is only 17! Isn't there some kind of rule regarding minors showing too much skin? If not, there should be!

I know ballroom dancing is all about flashy costumes and sexiness, but this is a 17 year old high school CHILD! She's been busy night and day getting ready for her dream of being in the Olympics, and I can imagine that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for dating. Her inexperience with dating was proven to be fairly evident when her dance partner kept talking about how their dance was to be passionate and sexy, she'd break into a giggle. To me it was a giggle of someone thinking "awkward!"

Plus, Shawn has to totally feel like a fish out of water. I mean, here she is a high school kid from Des Moines and she is standing on a stage with a female competitor/rapper/ex-con who announces "I am dedicating my dance to all my friends at the federal detention center, yo".

Yea, Toto - you're not in the midwest anymore.

I just wish tv shows weren't so blatant about wanting to sell the sex factor. I actually have watched a few ballroom dancing competitions on tv over the years, and while there are a lot of skimpy outfits, there are some that are actually more classy than just in-your-face, you know what I'm saying?

So for goodness sakes, let the young girl be a young girl, not dressed like a hoochie. Oh and keep that foul-mouthed rapper girl away from our Shawn. We don't like her.


sara said...

it was so interesting to read this post after doing my bible study this morning. It was all in Luke and about the end times.....increase is sexual depravity...hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I can agree, however - look at the
TV, magazines, newspapers and see
even the teens that are following the roll-models displayed, thru
summer apparell and/or prom dresses. Even boat neck tops and
burmuda shorts went out of style....
What about school for a 17 year old? I know-I am showing my age!!