Saturday, March 21, 2009

Project 365 - Week 12

Week 12 - Here we go.....


Jays parents wanted to meet us for lunch so they could see the girls for their birthday, so we met at a restaurant with the most wonderful buffet! Yes, these are my goofy kids. It's so rare that I can ever get a "nice" picture of them, that I usually don't even try. LOL


I was craving comfort food, so I made some bread pudding. Although, this is a healthier version, it was still very good. mmmmmm!


Ashley's been home most of the week for Spring break, and she took advantage of the beautiful weather by getting her horse Max out for the first ride of the season.


Jay & Austin leave tomorrow for a Spring break golfing trip in Branson, Missouri. The courses they are going to do not allow you to wear any denim, so I had to take Austin shopping for Khaki shorts, which he'll also need for the school golf team which starts practicing next week. Kohls had awesome sales, so he got a pair in each of the 3 colors and I'm not sure who was more excited by or him. LOL


Look closely....BUDS ARE STARTING TO FORM! Yippee! Spring is finally here!

My daughters and I, along with a couple of cousins, and some friends took a quick trip to Minnesota for a couple of days of shopping. Today we went to the Mall Of America. Life Is Good is one of my FAVORITE casual wear brands. Their shirts are the most comfortable items in my closet and they wash up great. I usually have to order them online, so I was thrilled to actually get to browse in person!

Today we went to an outlet mall. This is the picture of the whole group of girls that went along. We all had a great time and laughed a lot...although I do admit that I was ready to be home for a good nights sleep.

Sara is the host for this project, so head on over to her site by clicking on the link in the sidebar to check out all the other Project 365 pictures people have posted!

And now, since I'm very tired from the trip...I'm off to bed. G'nite!


tiffany said...

That bread pudding looks soooo good!

sara said...

my three kids can't take a serious picture either!!!

oh, I love bread pudding. My family doesn't so I don't ever make it. that looks deeelish!!!

so glad you had a good time on your mini vacation!! now rest up! ha!

fransmomma said...

lots of shopping!!! sounds like a fun week.
i loved your comment about everyone being down here (i never thought about all the extra visitors adding to the crowds)
so glad 'the south' could free the malls up for you! ;-)

Kim said...

Healthy bread pudding?! Seriously? You need to share that recipe!

Looks like a fun shopping trip with the females in the family. What, no guys offered to accompany you? LOL

Great week of photos!

LuAnn said...

Great pictures this week. Looks like a fun shopping trip. Please share the bread pudding receipe. I was just craving that myself yesterday!

Lisa said...

I thought the whole hard-to-get-a-decent-picture-of-the-kids-together thing was because mine are two and three. Apparently its not something that gets easier with age. :)

Is that your property that your daughter is riding on? Beautiful!

Nise' said...

I would love to have a healthy recipe for bread pudding! Will you share it with us, or email it to me? Thanks.

Arlington Tea Party said...

Great pictures! I can totally smell your bread pudding over here. LOL.

Your kids are so cute. I love the girls shopping day picture. I bet that was a great time!

Edie said...

Ooops! Hi Dena! I'm Arlington Tea Party. I was signed in on my other blog and didn't realize it. :)

Becky said...

What a great week. MMmmmm... bread pudding... I need to break out my recipes and make some.

I'm so jealous of the horseback riding.

Yay! For Spring!

beckyjomama said...

Gotta love shopping with the girls! Too much fun. Great pics!

rita said...

Bread pudding...yummmmmm
How healthy?
Mall of America...overwhelming
Fun kids...blessed are you!