Monday, March 23, 2009

Top 10 Things Overheard On Trip"

These are things I oveheard during our recent Spring Break shopping trip. Most of them left me sitting there tipping my head to the side while thinking "What?":

10. Hey guys look, I bought a shirt that's ugly cute.

9. I almost choked on my pringle.

8. Drugs are only good if you use them to get off other drugs.

7. Stop! Don't flick the ceiling. Someone could get hurt.

6. Ya know....most of the time recycled water tastes pretty good. Even if it's been recycled from the toilet.

5. Hey....close your teeth, I'm takin' a picture.

4. We're not going to bed until I find my donut!

3. These Depends totally make me look like I have an actual crotch.

2. What's the time difference between Minnesota and Missouri?

And the #1 thing overheard.....

Ok, so I'm not sure how we're all related, so can someone draw me a family tree? But, don't make it like a real tree though, cuz I'll get all confused.

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