Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Austin's Golf Meet

As I stated earlier this week, Austin made the varsity golf team at the high school. He is beyond excited, although you wouldn't know it by looking at him.

Seriously, would it kill him to smile? What is it with boys? And if you do get them to smile, it's one of those painful looking "I'm only smiling because you're making me" kinds of smiles. The only reason I even got this picture was pure bribery. He asked if I'd bring him up something to eat after school and I only would agree if I could take his picture. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.
But at the course on Tuesday afternoon/evening, I was as sneaky as any paparazzi could be. I peeked around buildings, hid behind trees and crouched behind golf carts to get these shots of my future Masters champion.

Ok, not really. I asked him if he would mind if I brought the camera to this meet, and he shrugged with 0% expression on his face and said "I don't care".

When Austin heard he had made the varsity team, he set a goal for himself to earn a Varsity letter this year. In order to do that you have to place in the top 3 (which means your score counts) for at least one meet. He did awesome at the meet on Tuesday, and shot a 45, which was the 3rd best score for our team. He was so excited to have met that goal on the first night. And we were super proud of him.

Jay said to him "What do you say we go out for supper to celebrate? Anywhere you want to go". Austin said "How about McDonalds". Yep, that's my Mr. Excitement. LOL


Kelly said...

And yep, that's a boy for you. What a great kid!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

The "I don't care" response definitely meant "yes." He will TREASURE these pics someday. Good job, Mom!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Austin - very proud of you for doing your best!

The Naths said...

Way to go Austin!! That's awesome! I don't totally get the McDonalds thing, but what do I know....I'm not a teenage boy!