Friday, April 17, 2009

Veggie Tales...Well, And Fruit

For Easter last Sunday I had mentioned I was going to "bedazzle" some veggies and fruits to take to a family gathering at the home of Jay's Aunt & Uncle.

I tried, I really did. But what do you bedazzle some celery with? How do you make Kiwi sparkle? And how do you get it to stay? And not be poisonous? These are the things you really need to think through before you open your trap and declare "It's On".

During the sunrise Easter service, I started thinking about all that I had to do in a fairly short amount of time to get the centerpieces done and right there in the balcony I started to freak out. I leaned over to Chelsea and whispered "I just want to say thank you very much." She smiled and said "Your welcome. (pause) For what?" I said "For the help you're going to give me when we get home."

See how nicely I slid that in without her barely even noticing? Novice moms take note. THATs how you get kids to help. To heck with the whole "please" and "giving of yourself" stuff. You have to be sneaky!

Once home, we all changed and I started pulling out all the veggies and fruits I had prepped the day before, including the one I had cut in to flowers using cookie-cutters (cute, right?). It also included the mushrooms I had dyed like Easter eggs (there's something you don't see every day).

Austin informed me the fridge reminded him of one of those clown cars....I just kept pulling more and more and more out of it in a seemingly never-ending line of food.

I had printed pictures off the internet of edible centerpieces and we decided which one we were going to attempt. "Attempt" is the key word here. It didn't take long and we decided an original idea is always better than a copycat, which actually meant ours was looking nothing like the pictures.

Then, as happens quite frequently in our house, the giggles started in. We laughed and laughed and the harder we worked, the sillier we got, and the more we laughed.

With the fruit, we decided the thrill was starting to dwindle rapidly, so we made a bunch of fruit kabobs and arranged those. It still turned out looking ok and cute (in my opinion).

To finish things off, we scooped out the innerds of a couple of different bell peppers and put 2 kinds of veggie dip in them. Simple, but cute.

When all was said and done, Ashley declared herself the "Most Tiredest Of Them All" and took a quick nap with Tucker before we had to leave.
So here they are....our fruit and veggie Easter baskets. Except for the baskets and a couple of flower & egg adornments, everything is edible.


Debbie said...

Those are cute and delicious looking! I'd say you passed your challenge. Even if you had to be a little sneaky.

Anonymous said...

WOW-what talent!!!! where did you get that from - not meeeeeee. Such a neat idea and so cute...

Nicole said...

Not only were they cute, they were great to eat as well. I think some were afraid to eat them as they looked to good, until we placed them in the middle of the table and then it was game on!!! You Rock Dena!!!!! Want to make those for graduation next year????

sara said...

those are awesome!!! and if you didn't dazzle them...then they just can't be dazzled!!!

Becky said...

They look great to me!