Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did You Know....

You'll drink about 75,000 litres (20,000 gallons) of water in your lifetime.
(No wonder I go to the bathroom all the time.)

Men loose about 40 hairs a day. Women loose about 70 hairs a day.
(My husband would argue with that)

Over the last 150 years the average height of people has increased by 10 cm (4 in).
(I'm one who is keeping the average down.)

A person remains conscious for eight seconds after being decapitated.
(I wonder what they're thinking? )

Every person has a unique tongue print.
(Would that help the crime rate go down if they knew they'd have to lick an ink pad for booking when they get arrested? )

Approximately two-thirds of a person's body weight is water.
(So I'm not overweight.....I'm overbloated!)


Becky said...

Not overbloated but perhaps watered down. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

sorry :-/

Loved your commentary after the fun facts... but the decapitated one gave me the willies.

DidiLyn said...

I, too, am stil thinking about that decapitated one. For about 7 more seconds....

Kelly said...

Things that make you go hmmmmmm. Two-thirds body weight is water, wow! Very interesting. . .