Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Test Results

I met with the Nurse Practioner again yesterday to discuss all my test results. I had urine tests, saliva tests & 9 vials of blood tests to go over. I was there for 3 hours and walked out frustrated (by medical doctors that I had begged for help and was ignored) and overwhelmed. But, I now have the answers I have been searching for, whether I like them or not.

In a nutshell, here's what the test results show I have or is "wrong" with me (sit down and grab something to's a long list - ha):

Hashimoto’s Disease {Hypothyroidism}
Vitamin B6 & B12 deficient (bordering critical stage)
Vitamin D deficient (VERY critical stage)
SAD (goes along with the Vit D deficiency)
Overly estrogen dominant
Way too low progesterone
Overly low cortisol in the mornings
Sex hormone is basically non-functioning (no comment -ha)
Insulin Resistant (which = very low metabolism)
Adrenal Fatigue

Other than all that, I'm in great shape. LOL

I was given the "honor" of breaking 2 records in her office. #1 Having the most test results to come back in the moderate/severe category of any one person, and #2 Having the lowest Vitamin D reading they had ever seen before.

I'm on numerous all natural supplements and a thyroid medication, and I'm to follow the Insulin Resistant Eating plan. For the SAD I tried to get her to require we go south each winter, but she would only suggest a lamp. :P

I cried several times during the appt due to the frustration that I have spent the past few years trying to get doctors to help me who either said "eat less, exercise more" or my personal favorite "your thyroid is fine" (when I KNEW it wasn't).

I asked her if she thought that once we got all this regulated, would I have a chance to lose weight again. Here's her response:

"I'm going to be honest with you Dena. You have a going on. I am going to work hard to try to get you feeling better for starters. This is not normal, and what you are feeling is not normal and no matter what any doctor has told you in the past, you do not have to live like this or live with feeling like this. Can I get you to a point where you will lose weight? I believe so. Will we be able to get you into a normal weight range? I don't know. As much as you have going on, it's going to be how well your body responds to treatment. Most people do great, but there are some who don't respond well. We won't know until we get going with you. However, I am optimistic."

My fingers are crossed.


Becky said...

Dena! Wow! My fingers will be crossed too... in prayer. Whew. I have been hearing a lot about how important vitamin D is. I bet getting that up to normal will even you out a little.

Take care... I am so glad you got some answers.

Debbie said...

I'm glad you were finally given some clear answers. I will say a prayer that you will start seeing improvements and results.

sara said...

I was just diagnosed with perimenopause too. NO fun!

I am praying that you will start feeling more normal soon!! And that you will break another record in the doctor's office......the person who responded the BEST to every treatment!!

Susan D said...

I'm thankful you have answers and direction. Praying that you'll break the record for the person who's responded the best and fasted to treatment. Blessings, SusanD

Joyce said...

Praying you heal quickly and begin to feel better!! Glad you got answers!!! Make sure you do what she says!

DidiLyn said...

Wow. Nt good that you broke all those records. I am so thankful that they actually found the things that have been making you feel not yourself.
FYI: my friend swears by her lamp. (I'd stil swear by going south the sunnier weather, but each her own.)
If you follow all the recommendations, when you should you bgin feeling better?

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you found a good doctor who actually listened to YOU, the patient. Hopefully, now you'll be on the fast track to feeling better.

rita said...

Dena, I kept on scanning your older posts and came across Hashimoto's disease, that grabbed my attention. I have recently heard about this because a cousin is going through very trying times. I heard there is not much you can do medically, so I am especially interested in your experience.