Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's Not Only Ok To Brag -- It's Required Today

For some reason I had it in my head that Missy was hosting THIS tomorrow, but as I sat reading blogs this afternoon, I realized that it was indeed today. I have had mine written, just waiting to post it, uh tomorrow. Whoops! Oh well, better late than never, Grandma always said.

Also, since I know most of the moms bragging today will have young children, my kids would probably "just die" if they knew I was participating in this. I will probably have the oldest kids mentioned today, including 2 that are off to college and therefore don't even live with me anymore. Doesn't mean I can't be proud of them though, so I'm participating anyway. :)

There have only been 2 things in life I have ever wanted to do as far as a career goes: Professional dancer, and a Mom. When a back injury took away dream #1, my heart was engulfed by dream #2. I read all the parenting books, even though I found out later that kids haven't read those books, which means they rarely follow the script outlined in those books, so you still are clueless. I screwed up throughout the years. Oh me, oh my did I screw up. Big time. But what I kept noticing was that somehow, my kids were growing up to be pretty great people, in spite of my screwing up. Sure the teenage years have not resembled "The Brady Bunch", but that's ok. Jay wouldn't look great in a curly perm anyhow.

Ok, so here we go....let the bragging begin:

Ashley Marie - Idealist & Adventurer - 19 yr old college student

Ashley has always been our "glass half full" girl. In elementary school, she befriended the children who didn't have friends and always wanted to help others. When she was little she loved playing with baby dolls and declared that when she grew up she wanted to be a baby nurse and has never wavered from that. She is currently in college striving for a double major that includes nursing and spanish, and plans to be an OB nurse (baby nurse). She also loves adventure. She rides roller coasters (which NO ONE else in our family does) and is happiest when she has several things going on at once. She went on a class trip to Spain for 2 weeks and loved it, and since then, she loves to go anywhere, and I guarantee she will make sure it's a fun trip. With very little effort on her part, she will have you on the floor laughing. That was one of her many talents when younger, and she used it anytime she thought she might be in trouble. I can't remember how many times I'd say "Just because you have me cracking up right now, doesn't mean I'm not angry with you".

Chelsea Marie - Realist & Activist - 19 yr old college student

If you want something done 110%, ask Chelsea to do it. No matter if it's baking cookies for her boyfriend or showing apartments for her job, she gives it all she's got and you will not be disappointed. She is very down to earth and is most happy on the farm. She drives the biggest implements we have and loves helping with the pigs or her boyfriends cows. She loves all animals, and has been known to take a farm cat to the vet to be treated for who knows what ailment and we know nothing about it until we get the bill. When asked about it she simply says "it needed to be done, so I did it". She pulls no punches when it comes to what she believes in. She is passionate about animal welfare and toyed at one time with becoming an Animal Cop, but knew it would tear her heart up too much to see what those animals go through on a daily basis. Plus as she added "I just know I'd punch an owner, and I'm guessing that's not something I'm allowed to do". She also loves children and they love her. She is majoring in Early Childhood Education with plans to teach Kindergarten. I know she'll be awesome at it.

Austin Jay - 15yr old High School Freshman - Thoughtful & Insightful

Austin, as I have said before is quiet. He reminds me of my Grandpa Harry. Grandpa didn't say much, so you made sure you listened when he did say something. I believe that as an adult, Austin will be the same way. Now, on the flip-side to that, if you want to get him to talk just bring up sports or video games. He amazes me with his knowledge of these topics and there are times I'll say to him "How do you know this? And why do you know this?" He is a 4.0 student, who is fortunate to have good grades comes easy for him. He isn't part of the "in crowd" at school, because he's respectful and kind. He also doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't swear, and he doesn't look for trouble, which sadly are considered the "cool things" these days. The best part about that is, that's ok with him. He's secure enough in knowing how he wants to live that he doesn't care what others think. He is very competitive, but it's funny...when playing a video game with a young child, he will usually let that child win. But he does it in a way that isn't condescending. He is very modest and is uncomfortable accepting praise. Whether it's for school, sports, or his musical talents, he will blush, drop his head and say a quiet "thank you" when given a compliment. And no one could expect more from him than he expects from himself.

I feel beyond blessed when I think of the children the Lord has given to me. I am only wishing I had many more years before they were completely gone.


sara said...

love this post!!! You have great kids! and I think they also had a great mama!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Dena your kids sound WONDERFUL and wow, those girls are gorgeous!! I think Ashley is Maggie in 16 years. Sounds like that would be a good thing!!

Becky said...

I always knew you are a great mom... this just solidified it. You deserve to beam with pride. :-D

blissful_e said...

Fantastic children - you must be a wonderful mom!! God is so gracious, isn't he? And I'm glad to see your girls' curly hair turned into equally beautiful straight hair. :)

Anonymous said...

Even though you have wonderful children and we have wonderful grandchildren - our children are still going to be the bestand would take alot of space to describe you all --so proud...(we love you all)