Friday, April 03, 2009

The Main Difference

I can sum up the main difference between the South and the upper Midwest in this one simple way:

In the South, if it is 51 degrees on April 3rd, they will say "Brrr! Close the windows, and toss me a sweater. It's only 51 degrees!"

And, you will likely see things like this:

But in the midwest, if it's 51 degrees on April 3rd the will say "Woohoo! Spring is here! Open the windows, and put down the top on the convertible!"

And you will see things like this:

The boaters are out:

As are the fishermen:

And even some die-hard jet skiiers (keep in mind, approx a month ago, that lake was still frozen):

And just so you know that I am serious, this is a shot of my dashboard. I took that picture as I sat by the lake near my home today watching these boats that I also took pictures of...and yahsureyoubetcha, my windows were down, and it felt grrrrrrreat!

Yep. We love our Spring up here .... & we're a hardy bunch.


Becky said...

BBBBBRRRRRRrrrrrrr! Still I take walks in the snow in shorts and a tshirt. Drives my mom nuts.

tiffany said...

LOL so true! I've lived in both, right now being in PA I'd be saying Woohoo, it's spring and throwing all the windows open!

sara said...

that is so true!! I was out with a friend last night and as we were walking to the car she said "it's absolutely freezing!" I think it was in the low 50s!!