Sunday, April 05, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 14

Hard to believe we're into April! So many times I think back to how much of last year was a blur with preparing for my sons Confirmation, our 2 daughters graduation, and the death of my Grandmother that I wish I had done this then. Rather than looking back with regret though, I am looking forward and am really glad I decided to do this project. If you started this and dropped out for one reason or another, or never started at all, I'd recommend you jump right'll be so glad you did!

Sunday 3-29

We came home from church on Sunday to find this mishap. That's the satellite wire at the top of the photo, which is supposed to be behind the entertainment center. Our best guess is that Gabby & Tucker were involved, probably wrestling or chasing each other, but they're not telling.

Monday, 3-30

I finally used up the rest of the gift card Jay gave me for Christmas for the handbag store at the mall. How cute are these? I especially love the blue one!

Tuesday, 3-31

We attended the FFA awards banquet, and Austin received his first year "Greenhand" membership award.

Wednesday 4-1

Even dogs can have bad hair days.

Thursday, 4-2

Our conversation this morning went like this:
Jay: You have a tire on your Vue that's low, but it'll be fine until you get back from your appointment.
Me: Are you sure? Otherwise, I'll just drive Austin to school and then take his car.
Jay: No need. You'll be fine. It won't go down that fast.

20 min later ~~ I call Jay

Me: Hon, yea, um, remember how you said the tire would be fine? Well, I'm on the side of the road about 10 miles from home and it's not fine. Not fine at all.
Jay: Is this an April Fools Joke? Cuz you know it's the 2nd, right? (long pause) *sigh* Ok, I'll be right there.

Friday 4-3

Grilled Chicken Parmesan for supper......yummy!

Saturday 4-4

Today we went to watch Austin at a band and vocal contest. He played in one band quartet, he sang in one mens ensemble, and...he even sang 2 solos. We were so proud of him! We have never even heard him sing before (other than when goofing around), so we had no idea how it was going to go, but he did awesome! Jay and I kept looking at each other (as if to say....who in the heck is this kid???) He has a deep baritone voice that sounds so adult like, that it was surprising...but beautiful! The rating scale was 1-5 (1 being best) and he received 2's for his solos, which we felt was very good.

This was right after his solo (can you tell by his expression that he was saying "Mom, hurry and take the picture. You're embarrassing me!) LOL

This was when their quartet was playing.

So that was our week. Head on over to Sara's by clicking on the Project 365 link in the side bar to see her pictures and all the other participants as well.


LuAnn said...

Way to go Austin - I love the purses. Just in time for spring!!!

sara said...

great week! your poor dog! :)

I do the same thing when I watch my kids play in band or sing...I wonder where in the world they got that talent!! All my kids are musical, especially the boys and it didn't come from my husband or me! :)

fransmomma said...

cute purses-i like the blue one a lot too!! great pictures this week!

Kim said...

Go Austin! I loved how you interpreted his expression after the solo -- I think you nailed it :-)

Both handbags are cute, but the blue definitely has some serious style!

Great photos this week. Sorry about the flat tire!

TCKK said...

Sounds like you have a very talented son. I love the dog hairdo!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Those purses are fantastic! I can't decide which I like better, they are both perfect for spring.

Oh, I'm so sorry about your tire. One of my fears is getting stranded on the side of the freeway with a flat tire, or from running out of gas. Thank goodness for hubbies that can come to rescue us.

Lisa said...

Wow. Austin's got some talent!

I really don't have any patience for car trouble. In my mind, that is my husband's dept and should not affect my life at all. Good thing yours was around to help!

Hope that vase wasn't a family heirloom!

Esthermay said...

I'm not understanding the presence of mind you had to grab the camera and take a picture of the broken vase! :) I would have been furiously lookin' for Gabby and/or Tucker. But that's just me. LoL
I like the pink one :)
About the car/tire/men belieiving they know ALL about cars: FUNNY!!! That auta' teach him :)
. . . and finally, isn't it great to embarrass your kids with the camera? Some day all the adult siblings will look at these photos and be so glad you took them. :) Our older kids now post all their "embarrassing" photos on Facebook.
Go figure!

Nise' said...

EstherMay's comment reminded me that my boys ask me all the time, do you need to take a picture of this before we move it, eat it, pick it up as they are rolling their eyes? LOL.