Thursday, April 02, 2009

Menu Ideas Needed

Let's play pretend.....

Pretend your a college age guy/girl. The college you are at is far enough away from home that you only get home at Christmas and summer break. If you were able to fly home for one night and have a good home-cooked meal, what wouldl you want the menu to consist of?

Would you choose a meat, potatoes, veggies kind of meal?

Would you choose a casserole?

What kind of dessert would you like that you normally wouldn't be able to get while at college?

Ashley is bringing several of her college friends to our home for supper and relaxing in the hot tub. Many of them are from out of state (most from Texas), and they are craving home cooking, which I've offered to provide them (Ashley's assured them that if she can survive 18 years on her mothers cooking, they can survive one night).

I'm just struggling with what to make.

Ideas are GREATLY appreciated!!!


Becky said...

I'm no great cook but standard comfort foods sound good. Like fried chicken (or baked) Homemade gooey mac and cheese, an awesome baby greens salad, and cheesecake or super duper brownies or a chocolate cake for dessert... now I'm hungry.

I'm sure whatever you make will be great and appreciated.

Joyce said...

I agree with Becky.... but I might throw in some potatoes and gravy with the fried chicken or a pot roast. Great dessert ideas too.