Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ode To A Golf Mom

She rises in the morning
Gets her work done through the day.
Her goal is to finish
So she can go watch her child play.

He's not playing basketball,
Or doing dressage on a horse.
He's spending his time playing
On a beautiful golf course.

His mom is his cheerleader
She's at every meet.
She takes pride in how he looks
His team outfit, so clean and neat.

But today it's a different story,
For it's rained all day long.
The Coach still made them wear Khakis.
"Oh dear Coach, that's so wrong!"

They walk through the mud holes,
through mud puddles too.
Their shoes were all soaked,
their socks were wet too.

But the worst thing of all
is the sight she did see.
There was mud on his pants
clear up to the knee!

"Oh my goodness" she cried
"How will they ever come clean?"
Khaki pants when it's raining...
Why that's just plain mean!

She didn't grumble,
And she didn't complain,
Even though she found her task
tedious and mundane.

She grabbed a white spray
And some foam that was blue
She set out scrubbing,
Doing what a mama must do.

Thirty minutes of scrubbing,
And two wash cycles later
His pants were all clean,
They had never looked ... greater!

Later that night
When the mom went to bed
She noticed all that scrubbing
Left her hands sore and red.

Did she enjoy the pre-treating?
And how her hands took a toll?
No she didn't ... but that's ok
That's how golf moms roll.

She pre-treats and she washes.
She irons the pants so neat.
She wants him to look nice
When he gets them muddy again ... at the very next meet.


sara said...

omg, you are so creative! that was so good!

mom and dad said...

Oh my the talent you have!!!!!(poetic) Yes,keeping clean in this weather - oh, I remember baseball white pants - keep up the great 'Mom' work!!