Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Am So Proud

Warning....proud mom alert! I will do my best to keep this post from becoming nauseating, but I make no promises.

Austin had another golf meet last night. The course they played at is the same course they will play their 18 hole conference meet at next Monday. It is the 6th hardest golf course in the entire state of Iowa. For these kids to get to play on this course is an awesome opportunity, and they'll get to play on it twice.

Austin is one of 2 Freshmen on the varsity team, which is pretty impressive considering the good golfers they had to beat out to get their spot. It also means they have to stay on top of their game and play their best to keep those spots.

At the meet last night, Austin was paired up with a Senior from his team, and 2 guys from the opposing team. Players are required to walk during the meets. This course is a TOUGH walk! Oh my's all up and down, up and down. It's crazy! I begged Jay to get us a cart to follow along so we didn't have to walk it, and thankfully, he loves me enough he got us one (either that or he didn't want to listen to me whine for nine holes).
Austin started off doing great. Then he had a couple of holes where he hit the ball in the water, or sandtrap. Did I mention that this course has large water holes and numerous sand traps on every single hole? Well, it does! Oh and the trees! The entire round it sounded like we were being invaded by woodpeckers as balls would hit trees "tap" "tap, tap".
After his holes where he struggled, he re-grouped and birdied the next hole. He birded the following hole as well and even gave a little Tiger Woods fist pump. He finished out the round solid and after he finished up adding everyones scores (he was the score keeper for their group), he said he shot a 42, which for this course is awesome! A GREAT score!

Mark, our #1 golfer on the team shot a 41, so Austin came in 2nd and he was thrilled.

Then it was announced that there was an error on Austin's scorecard. He had added his score up wrong. He didn't get a 42......he shot a 40!!

He won the meet!!!

We were so excited for him! One of his goals during his high school golf career was to win a meet before he graduated. He has now met this goal as a 15 yr old Freshman. He was grinning from ear to ear and so were we!!

All the pictures posted today are from yesterdays meet. Look at how beautiful the course is and just how hilly it is! I was so glad we had a cart to ride in. :) Also be sure to notice his perfect form in his back swing. No matter what he tries to say, I taught him that.


mom and dad said...

GREAT JOB TO AUSTIN!!!! That is awesome and now he can set another goal! He is doing great...

sara said...

Congrats!!! That is awesome!!

I always say a good whine can sometimes help...yea for a cart!

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! Congratulations Austin!!!! :)

Becky said...


That looks like a course we would have around here. They are all spread across the sides of mountains. I think they put in so many sandtraps to keep the balls from rolling all the way down the mountain. lol.

Austin (and his mom) SHOULD be so proud of accomplishing this goal. Great work!

The Naths said...

Way to go Austin! That is so cool! So, it's early in the season and he has already met 2 of his goals for the letter and to win a meet. And, you should be proud...go right ahead! I'm proud too and I'm just the aunt. =)