Thursday, April 30, 2009

Please Stop Blaming The Pigs!

While I'm glad they changed the name of the flu to whatever it is now, I feel it's too little too late. People are in an uproar about pigs. *sigh*

Pigs did NOT cause this flu.

You can NOT get this flu from eating pork.

You can NOT get this flu from touching, looking at, or thinking about a pig.

It's really ridiculous to me how freaked out some people are about the whole pig thing (around here anyhow). For once I commend the media who is restating over and over that it has NOTHING to do with swine/pigs/pork. However, thanks to the hysteria, it does have plenty to do with the pork farmers, who, like us, are trying to make a living for their families.

The only reason they named it what they did to begin with is because they said it resembled a type of flu that pigs can get. That's it. Nothing else.

There is a history farm not far from us that is supposed to teach people about farm life through the ages. They have removed all pigs from that farm because they want people to be safe. (*insert eye rolling here*) From what? Can't be the pigs, because they aren't causing it!

So please, be smart and by all means stay out of Mexico for right now (and my opinion, close the border), but relax about pigs. Why, you should even stop by and have a nice thick Iowa chop. You'll'll be fine.

Besides....if we ever thought there would ever be a health risk involving pigs, do you think we'd let our kids take their FFA pigs for a walk? :)


Becky said...

I knew about not getting it from eating pork... unless your infected waiter sneezes on it of course ;-)

Kelly said...

Very, very well said!

melanie said...

Yes! SOMEONE who understands!