Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 15

I'm a little late today putting my pictures up. It's been such a crazy busy weekend that I just didn't have time to upload my pics until now. we go with Week 15:

Sunday 4-5
We had a nasty snowstorm rip through the state. Our county was among the hardest hit (lucky us). We received 10" of snow and we were all like "Are you kidding me? It's April!!" Thankfully, within a few days it was all melted.

Monday 4-6
Austin's car was still on our farm, buried in all the snow from the storm, so we gave him a ride to school. Gabby went with me after school to pick him up.

Tuesday 4-7
"Spa Day". Haircuts, baths, blow drys & brushing. As you can tell, Gabby is less than thrilled with it all. LOL

Wednesday 4-8

It was a beautiful day out, so Jay had me drop him & Austin off at a golf course in a nearby town while I got groceries and ran a few other errands. Sorry this picture is dark, but it was almost sunset by the time they were done, and it was at that moment I realized I didn't have my picture for the day. Austin tried to walk quickly out of view, but ha-ha...all this photo practice means I've gotten quick!

Thursday 4-9

Vet trip for Tucker who needed his shots updated and for Gabby who had a "gunky" ear, which I found during "Spa Day". Turned out she had an infection, so after a weeks worth of ear drops, she should be good to go.

Friday 4-10
Ringo scared the daylights out of me around suppertime. He was laid out flat on his bed and honestly appeared to be near death and his gums were solid white. I ran him to the Vet ER clinic and after a short time, he perked up. Not sure what happened, but they think that his heart rate dipped causing him to pass out (as can happen in elderly people) and since he is almost 11, it possibly could be what happened. Thankfully he is fine though now. This picture was on our way home.

Saturday 4-11
I ended up making fruit and veggie baskets to take for a family gathering for Easter. Today I went to the store and bought the baskets and other decorative items, and then I headed to the grocery store to get all the food. Then I spent the next 3 hours prepping everything (cutting all the veggies, pulling apart all the grapes, etc), so that on Sunday I could put it all together right before we left. Whewwwww....what an exhausting job! A lot more work than I thought they'd be. I'll have a picture of the baskets for next weeks 365. :)

There you have it. Another week done. Head on over to Sara's through the link in the sidebar and check out all the other great 365 pictures!


sara said...

i can't believe you got 10 inches!!!

Ok, I must admit that I can't wait to see these vegies baskets...because I KNOW they were dazzling!!!!

TCKK said...

Great pictures. You make me feel guilty cause I complained about our snow and it was just a little dusting.

Your dogs are so cute. So glad to hear Ringo was really ok!

Becky said...

Oh I am so glad your pups are ok. Poor ol' Ringo. And I'm glad you caught that ear infection. Your a good mommy to your fur babies.

Those veggie baskets sound interesting.

10 inches! I'm glad it melted.

Happy Resurrection Day.

tiffany said...

Okay, all this snow and cold weather has GOT to stop!!!!!! I used to think Texas was too hot sometimes but I'm about ready to go home and endure the heat! lol

Kim said...

Glad the snow melted quickly. Snow in April is just WRONG.

Your doggies stay still for photos much better than the two-legged family members :-)

Look forward to seeing the finishing vegie baskets!

Lisa said...

It is just WRONG to get snow in April.

Can't wait to see the baskets!

fransmomma said...

[GASP] 10 inches!?!? i cant even fathom getting 1 inch, let alone 10...and in april no less!!
cant wait to see your fruit and veggie baskets!

LuAnn said...

Great pictures

Esthermay said...

Yeah. I’m so sorry that storm hit you harder than it hit us! (hehehehehe = lie!) I think we got less than 2-3” just north of you guys. Again, feeling reaaallly bad.

You puppy dogs are very photogenic. That is photo-genius the way you captured Gabby in the side mirror. That belongs in a photo contest! :)

I would like to have seen the finished veggie basket!! . . . so I’ll be back.

rita said...

All that snow, it had to be Iowa!
But the photo is worth it!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!