Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watch Out Tiger & Phil

Today officially starts the high school golf season at our school. They started practice a couple of weeks ago, but their first meet is later today. Twenty-some 9th-12th grade boys had to compete in 4 qualifying matches for 15 spots, with only 6 of those earning a spot on the varsity team, and .....

Austin made it on the varsity team! :-D
Only two freshman made it on the varsity team, so he is super excited, although Mr. Cool that he is would never admit it. However, he was chattering away last night like his sisters normally would, which is something I've never heard him do, and was my first clue to his excitement:
Mom, can you bring me a sandwich or something after school. I want to be sure my blood sugar stays up (which he does have issues with) so I have plenty of energy for the meet.
Mom, where are the Magic Erasers? I want to get my golf shoes good and clean.
Dad, do you have an extra golf umbrella I can put in the team bag (keep in mind...the forecast is for sunshine)?
I'm going to put a couple of gatorades in the freezer, because the team bags have coolers built in which is so awesome.
Mom, will you iron my team shirt for me? It looks like it might be a little bit wrinkled (he has never worried about anything being wrinkled before. I didn't even know he knew what an iron was for).
Those who are on varsity not only get a team shirt, but they also get a team jacket to wear, as well as matching team golf bags. How cool is that?

He has worked so hard to try to earn the chance to be on the varsity team. Many, many hours playing, practicing and taking lessons. Now I don't even mind that I had to endure a few months of weaving my way around an indoor practice net to get to the hot tub (until the weather got nice enough for them to hit outdoors).
Each week scores determine if you keep your spot on the varsity team or not, so Austin could end up slipping down to JV during the season, but to know he had a goal and did all he could to achieve that goal makes me so proud of him. :)


Becky said...

Tell him I said congrats! :-)

Kelly said...

Congrats! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Nicole said...

WOOHOO!!! Way to go Austin!!! Tell him good luck tonight.

sara said...

that is so awesome!! congrats!!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Congrats to Austin!!!

Anonymous said...

Just got the news - so proud of him and he can do it!!!!!