Monday, April 06, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Iowa's Local Weather Report For This Past Weekend:
Friday ~~ mid-50's. Not a cloud in the sky. Slight breeze. Overall a beautiful Spring day.

Saturday ~~ around 50 degrees. Cloudy. Very windy. Still though, overall not a bad day.

Sunday ~~ 30 degrees. Winter storm. White-out conditions. People stranded on the interstate for hours due to being stuck and rescue vehicles unable to get to them until conditions improved. Approximately 10" of wet, heavy snow (how it was able to blow bad enough to put visibility near zero is still a mystery). Overall a yucky, yucky day.

Here's the proof of the nasty weather we had:

This IS April, right? Just checkin'.


tiffany said...

Eghads.... I'm so sorry, you have my condolences... lol I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that spring will return and A.S.A.P.! What is going on with this crazy weather for the past year?

sara said...

oh I am so sorry. We had a cold front come in last night too...and it is supposed to freeze here tonight.

Anonymous said...

When you figure out the weather, let us know!!!!

The Naths said...

Ha! We mostly had rain! It snowed a little during the night, but perhaps 1/2 inch if that even, and then it was just rain after that. Go figure! This time being up north payed off.