Saturday, May 16, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 20

Sunday 5-10

Tomorrow is Austin's birthday, and we celebrated by going out to eat today at Applebees (one of our favorite places). Our girls came back from college, and my parents met us there. It was a fun evening. As you can see...Austin is evidentally under the impression his face will fall off if he smiles. *sigh*

But, if you look at Jay in this picture, you can see that Austin inherited his face-falling fears from his Father. (Oh, and no we did not adopt another daughter...that is one of Ashley's friends from college that came along with her LOL).

Monday 5-11

This is why we celebrated Austin's birthday yesterday. He had the last music concert of the year at his school this evening. I teased him that I was going to have the instructors have everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to him....he was not amused by that thought. LOL

Tuesday 5-12

I call this picture: "Gone With The Wind". Oh my goodness, it was so windy today as you can see by our windsock! Austin also had a golf meet today. You can imagine how much fun that was for those poor kids having to hit into that strong of a wind.

Wednesday 5-13

Bra shopping. I enjoy doing this about as much as a gorilla would enjoy a full body wax. Ugh. No two brands are ever the same size, so you have to try every single one on, and it takes forever. I honestly think I tried close to 20 of them on.

Thursday 5-14

I am so excited. Look at our little dwarf apple tree. I don't know that's it's grown at all since last year. It's maybe 4 1/2' tall is all, but look at all the blossoms on it. Isn't it cute? Last year we got one apple from it, which was so exciting to me because the tree is just now 2 years old and we were told not to expect any fruit for close to 4 years. That, combined with all the blossoms on there, has me optimistic that we'll see more than just one this year.

Friday 5-15

I took Austin to the DOT today to get his drivers license. WOW, did that make me feel old! I asked him if it was ok if I got teary-eyed while at the DOT and he gave me the ever popular head tilt/eye roll combination while saying "moooom". But he did agree to stand still long enough for me to get a picture of him with his new license...and he was thrilled to do that as you can tell.

Saturday 5-16

Austin & I ran a few errands today and we stopped at Fazoli's for lunch. I had their new Chicken Picatta. I wasn't overly thrilled with it, but it was a'ight (although Austin has informed me I'm too old to say that).

One week of school left and by then we will hopefully have some warmer weather. Yesterday Jay wore his heavy coat and a stocking cap while mowing the grass, and most mornings it's still in the low 40's. That's just crazy!! We've even had frost advisories. I'm so ready for warm weather!!

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sara said...

bra shopping is right up there with bathing suit shopping!!!

we have only one more week of school too...I am so ready for summer!!

Have a great week!

Lisa said...

Wow, your schools get out early. Here in CT they go for another month plus.

Another driver...I guess you are used to it by now though.

Kelly said...

I hate bra shopping too. I made driver's license picture of my son, too. Both of them actually. We're actually having a chilly day in Georgia, and I'm ready for warm weather to get here and STAY! Have a good week.

Kim said...

Austin was ALMOST smiling in the one with his license. LOL Yep, he definitely has a Mona Lisa smile in that one. I don't know which is worse, the never-smile-while-having-a-photo-taken phase or the one where they think they have to split their face with a huge fake grin. *sigh*

rita said...

Great photos!
The concert ones are especially artistic. All have heart in them, or lack of it--the bra one ;)

Becky said...

I need to go bra shopping desperately.

Congrats to Austin on being a driver and turning 16. Poor mom though. ;-)

Looked like a fun get together at Applebees.