Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Jay

Happy Birthday to my Jay.....or as I call him when I am being extra sweet (or when I really want his help with something) .... my Jay-Jay.

Jay is my best friend and he still makes me laugh just as much as he did when we met almost 23 years ago, and I never get tired of looking at his blue eyes. They are definitely the window to his soul.

He is a great friend, someone who will help anyone at anytime and he will stay until the job is complete. He is a wonderful husband, and the best father for my children I could have ever asked for.

The only "real" fault he has is that since he is 2 1/2 years younger than me, he delights in reminding me of that every chance he gets. During the 6 months between when I have my birthday and he has his, he is quick to point out that I am currently 3 years older than he is. But when I try to say that I'm only 2 years old than him during the other 6 months, oh no....he is sure to say 2 - AND A HALF!

He is concerned about his aging body and his receeding hairline, but I think he is as handsome as ever, and his smile still melts my heart.
Happy birthday Jay-Jay. I love you and I hope you have an awesome day!! XOXO


Kelly said...

Happy B'day to your hubby!

mom and dad said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - JAY!! Have a great day

DEb said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY!!! You have an AMAZING wife..but I'm sure you knew that...

FYI...your kids look like they daddy!!