Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 21

This week I kept forgetting to grab my regular camera, so all these shots are with my cell phone. Not as good of quality, but at least it does capture the moment. :)

Sunday 5-17

Today my in-laws took the family out for supper to celebrate 4 family birthdays that are all within two weeks of each other. Two of the birthdays belong to Jay and his brother. The other two belong to their sons (our son and our nephew). This is a picture of these two youngest heirs to the family throne....Austin, and his cousin Jacob.

Monday 5/18

Once a week I have to "restock" my medicine containers. While it's a pain and it takes a while to get them all organized, it saves me tons of time in the long run.

Tuesday 5/19

I went out to the garage this morning and I heard a soft meow sound. I looked back in the corner and there were 3 little kittens. They appear to be just a couple of weeks old, as one of them didn't even have their eyes completely opened yet. They are so cute! But they are also very shy and won't come out so I can see them better. Maybe as they get older.

Wednesday 5/20
WINDY yet again!

Thursday 5/21
The guys are just about done planting the soybeans. I took supper out to Jay and this is him walking to get it from me. There is a little lane I drive in, but that's as far as I can go.

Friday 2/22
Today I went with Chelsea to tour her new apartment building and we got to see an example of what her apartment will look like. She doesn't actually move in until August,but she's so excited about it that it's been nearly killing her to have me see it. :)

Saturday 5/23
I did a little shopping and the holiday weekend traffic on the interstate was crazy! Oh my goodness! Although, thankfully there were many MANY police officers out as well, so the traffic wasn't flying too fast.

This was the last week of school, which means no more activities and such to go to for a while. That's definitely going to make it a challenge for me for photos. But I've enjoyed doing this, so I'm determined to keep it up. Time to get creative. :)
Click on the Project 365 in the sidebar to visit Sara, the hostess for this fun project. Check out her pictures and the other who are participating as well!


beckyjomama said...

Love, love, love ther flag flyin. Too cool!

And, the kitties stole my heart!

sara said...

oh that little kitten is so cute!!! My daughter is moving into a house with 4 other girls in two weeks....they grow up so fast!!

When we lived in North Dakota, we would take dinner out to our friends during harvest kids loved being able to just throw the corn cob out into the field! It's the little things!!!

Esthermay said...

Are those boys wearing pearls!!??

PRECIOUS kitties!!

Love that shot of the Flag!
♫♪Ohhh, say can you see . . . . . . and Thursdays shot: epitome of Midwest farming. Very nice. :-)

rita said...

Great cell photos, Dena!
I'm in the same boat this week, must send camera in for repair.
Ohoto of meds reminds me to visit your other blog and write to my cousin.
Have a great week!

Lisa said...

Wow...that line up of medication looks intimidating! I will start praying for complete healing for you.

I like the idea of combining same-month birthdays together. Easier on everyone and fun for the birthday people.

Kim said...

I love cats but allergies prevent us from having them. Those kitties look so cute!

Love the flag flying in the breeze!

Yeah, looks like you'd get bogged down if you tried to get any closer with dinner :-)

Fun photos as always. Summer will provide lots of opportunities I'm sure. Great nature shots, kids doing crazy things, family activities outside...