Sunday, May 31, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 22

Last week of May - so hard to believe it!! School's out, we're enjoying sleeping in, and we will be super happy if the warm weather decides to stay for good!

Sunday 5-24

We put out our mini flags, wreath, and a couple of other decorations to get ready for Memorial Day.

Monday 5-25
We went to cemetaries and put flowers on the sites of our grandparents/great-grandparents.

Aren't all these flags just beautiful!! It was windy today so they looked extra gorgeous flying in the wind. Breathtaking.

Tuesday 5-26

Chelsea came home for a short visit, which was a great surprise. I'm not sure who was happier to see her - me, or her dog Gabby. Gabby has been Chelsea's dog since we got her as a puppy (she's now 8), and with school being out, I'm sure she misses the days when she slept in with Chelsea until late morning. Notice how Chelsea is dressed? Sweats and a fleece jacket. That's how chilly it's been!

Wednesday 5-27

We didn't make it to my Grandparents site on Memorial Day, so I stopped in today. My grandma has been gone now for just over a year. Hard to believe that much time has gone by already.

Thursday 5-28

ACK! IT'S A BEAR!! hehehe - ok, not really. Austin took this super close-up shot of Ringo.

Friday 5-29

One of the problems with our camper is that the pleated shades it has in it do nothing for keeping out the light. BIG problem when camping at our County fair and the giant security light shines right in. Or when at the State Fair last year, our "neighbors" kept their outside camper light on 24/7 and that shined right in where we were trying to sleep, and it looked like daylight inside. So I found some navy blue room darkening curtains, turned them sideways and slipped a rod through them. I won't leave them up all the time, but I like knowing we have cover from all the lights when needed.

Saturday 5-30

Austin and I were up at 5am to get ready to help Jay with the pigs. While driving to the barn we saw a beautiful sunrise ---the ONLY thing good about being up that early! LOL

Well, that's our week! I'm looking forward to June, warm weather and lots of sunshine! Head on over to Sara's to check out all the other great 365 pictures!! Click on the logo in the sidebar. :)


sara said...

every time I see a picture of a camper on someone's site, it makes me miss camping!!! Some day we plan to take it up again!

the sunrise is gorgeous!!

Have a wonderful sunday and start to June!!

Kim said...

The flags flying - stunning photo! So is the sunrise. Love the photo of Chelsea and Gabby, just precious. Lots of great photos :-)

Have a great week!

beckyjomama said...

THe flags flyin in the wind made my eyes tear up! LOVE it!
The sunrise was stunning!
Great pics!!!

skoots1mom said...

gr8 pics!!!

Lisa said...

Those flags look very majestic flying like that, and you captured it!

Its amazing how much animals bond.

Liz said...

I loved the photos...I miss having a little space around me, and your pictures give me the feeling of openness. Ah.
Love the Memorial tributes. The flags are great! Camping? Oh, yeah.....

Becky said...

Beautiful flag and memorial shots.

I soooo need a dark room to sleep.

That is a pretty sunset but I still wouldn't get up for it ;-D lol