Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To Milk or Not To Milk

I tried a new recipe and I have it posted on my other blog. The main reason I'm telling you about it, is because there is one part that has me confused. You can find the recipe by clicking here: Broccoli Pasta Bake

Go ahead, head on over there, read through the recipe, wipe the drool from your chin (yep, it's THAT good), and then come back here for the question. Go on, it's ok, I'll wait.

*insert jeopardy theme music*

Hey there....welcome back! Doesn't that recipe sound sooooo good? Let me tell you, it IS good! It is also one that I have bookmarked to make again and again. I want to try freezing it (both before and after baking) to see how it handles that. It would make like easier if it could be made ahead of time.

Anywhooooo....on to the question:

In the recipe, it calls for dry milk powder. You have to buy a big ol' box of that stuff for 2 little tablespoons. Recipes like that make me crazy, because, while I do LOVE this recipe, it'll take me a months worth of making it just to use up all that dried milk....if the box doesn't tip over and spill all over the pantry before then.

Plus, did you notice what I'm adding it to? Milk.

So my question is.....can't I just add more skim milk to the recipe instead of the dry milk? Would it really make a difference?

Come on all you cooks and me out here. :)


Becky said...

Hmmm... thats an interesting dilemma... I have no idea :-/

Glad I could help ;-)

mom and dad said...

O.K. - 4-5 T dry milk and enough water to make 1 cup = 1 cup skim milk OR
4 t dry milk plus water = 1/4 cup
2 T evaporated skim milk and 2 T water = 1/4 cup

Kelly said...

Well. . . it sure looks delish. I love broccoli and I love pasta and I love cheese. But if you've ever read my blog, I can't cook worth a toot. If you find out the answer, though, I'd sure be interested. I've never ever cooked with dry milk.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Or, there's this...

Good luck!

2Thinks said...

I once bought a box of that dried milk. It costs like $12 for the cheapest box available. I've had it for years. I'll send you a bagfull in the mail if you want. Serious. You can make the recipie as early as middle of next week. Let me know.