Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feed This Man A Fish

This past weekend, we went over to the lake that is about a mile from our house and Jay & Austin decided to go fishing. While this isn't their first time ever fishing, it is their first time ever fishing alone - just the two of them - clueless - with brand new poles they have to put together.

I'm not even kidding when I say this was like an Abbott & Costello routine.

Dena: Um, Jay, do you know what your doing?
Jay: Nope.
Dena: Uh, ok so how do you know you're putting that together right?
Jay: I have a pliars. It'll work.

Okay then.

Dena: Austin, why are you sitting on that rock?
Austin: Because this is how you fish.

Good to know.

(Note how his pole is facing straight down. That water is very shallow right there. Now I'm no fishing expert, but don't you need to have the tip of the pole off the bottom of the lake to up your odds on catching anything?)

Jay: Caught anything yet?
Austin: No. You?
Jay: No.
Austin: I think I heard one time this is the worst spot at the lake to fish at. The fish don't come around here.

About that time, someone about 20 feet from us let out a "woohoo I got one!" I chuckled when I saw the look on Jay's & Austin's facec, but I didn't say anything.

It took all of about 3 minutes and they decided to move to a different spot along the lake. I ran home for a few minutes to get a couple of things and while I was there I got the text I had been expecting to get....

"Austin and I are going golfing."


DEb said...

Dena.... don't you KNOW that's the way you fish?????!!!! GOSH!!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Too funny. This is one of those memories you'd probably lose if you hadn't "documented" the moment!