Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doctors! *Sigh*

I have a doctor I see, or should I say "tolerate" every month to check my blood pressure. It's been doing great, so I was happy it stayed down while I was there.

Today is the first time in the past 2 months that he even acknowledged that I'm on herbal remedies and supplements. I take like 15 of's hard to miss a list like that in my chart. Here's what left me honestly speechless:

*He never asked who suggested I take these
*He never asked if I was being regulated to see if they were doing ok
*He never asked why I was taking any of them
*He never asked how long I'd been on them or if I planned to stop

Do you know what his only question was? Get ready for this one:
"Some of these I've never heard of. They are all legal, correct?"

The other reason I was there was to get a refill prescription of my sleep meds. I have terrible insomnia, but I think he thinks I'm making it up.

Dr: Well you look wide awake and you're well groomed with your hair and make-up all done up nicely, so I don't know that your insomnia is too bad.

Me: That's because I took the little blue pill last night. (I wanted to add "duh!", but decided that probably wouldn't help me any. But a question did come to mind....since when does insomnia get proven by not putting on make-up?)

Dr: Well, if I were to give you a supply of 30 tablets, I would recommend you take one every 3 to 4 days and just rest in bed inbetween those if you can't sleep well (did he really just say that?) and I'll see you back in 6 months to see if you were in need of a refill.

Me: I'm sorry, I know my math is bad, but if I take 1 every 3 days and I have 30 pills, isn't that only about 3 months worth? What do I do for the other 3 months?
Dr: (no response - he doesn't even look up from my file)

Dr: You know, I'm just not convinced you are in need of a sleep aid any more at this time.

*I start to feel a little bit of panic rising in me. I have to have something help me sleep. Otherwise I'm up until about 3:00 in the morning. It's impossible to function when you are already dealing with diseases and health issues that rob you of energy when you are also exhausted from not sleeping*

Me: Ok, here's the deal. It's PMS week for me and my husband and son really don't want to have to deal with me if I'm also not getting any sleep. I'm just sayin'.

Dr: (he sat and looked at me for a couple of seconds) Here's a script for 14 tablets with one refill.
was that really so hard?


Becky said...

I am speechless. Can't you find a different DR.?

Kelly said...

First of all, I would have gotten his face out of the chart by punching him out.

Glad you brought out the PMS big gun. Sometimes you just have to get rough and tough.

Susan D said...

I loved this...."I'm sorry, I know my math is bad, but if I take 1 every 3 days and I have 30 pills, isn't that only about 3 months worth? What do I do for the other 3 months?" And you definitely should have asked him what peer reviewed study has proven the correlation between no make-up and no sleep. Hope you get some much needed rest. Blessings, SusanD

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Oh, Dena...find a new guy....this one is awful!

The Naths said...

Seriously! He's he the only doctor in town or what?! Have you ever heard of Melatonin tablets? I was at a Mom's Night Our recently and a few of my friends take them to sleep (Isn't it amazing how many women can't sleep?!) They swear by them! I guess melatonin is a hormone that is produced for sleep. They say they just naturally get tired and relaxed (don't feel drugged) and sleep well through the night. You can even get them at Wal-Mart I heard. Just a suggestion, if he won't let you have your stuff. =)

skoots1mom said...

the hairs on my neck stood up...
that reminds me of when a policeman following up on my call (a man in a ski mask was prying my window open)...the policeman wanted to know what I was wearing...

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Dr. Bedside Manner, I presume?

2Thinks said...

I agree, need a new one, quick!