Friday, June 12, 2009

Mamma Mia

Yesterday, Jay and I, along with all 3 kids went to a broadway production of Mamma Mia in Des Moines. Mamma Mia runs neck and neck in my book with Grease for the all-time best musicals. And the cool thing is, the group of performers that are here this year is the group that won the Tony award. THAT's how good the show was!

If you read Linda's blog, you will know that she claims to not be a fan of musicals. Well, this was so good that I wish she had been along with me today. I know she would have totally converted to being a true blue fan. It was THAT good.

I honestly don't know when I have laughed sooooooooo hard. Of course the songs and dances were great too (especially since I grew up listening to ABBA and I've also seen the movie a million times, so I knew all the words to every single song). At the end, for the curtain calls, they did 3 songs and everyone was standing up, and a bunch of us were dancing along as well. Ashley leaned over to me and said "Mom stop. It's just you and the old ladies who are dancing." I said "Well then they and I are the only ones who know how to have fun!"

I even let out a Woohoo or two during "Waterloo". I know how to party!

The only part I didn't like was when the intermission was over. The orchestra started up with a "BANG!" which was one loud note with all instruments, including trumpets, cymbals & drums, as they started the first song. Almost everyone jumped half out of their seats and I think I may have even wet my pants a little!

Overall though it really was awesome and if you find out it's coming to your city you should definitely go (yes, even you Linda!). I only wish I could go again!

*Chelsea & Ashley with the playbill & program before the start of the show*


Kelly said...

I've never been to a Broadway show before. It sounds like fun though. I bet it comes or has already been to Atlanta. Sometimes you just gotta cut loose with the old ladies!

sara said...

I saw that when we lived in was great. But my all time favorite is is amazing. I am taking my kids to see it in Memphis at the end of the month!!

2Thinks said...

I love musicals. I haven't seen this one. I'd like to see Wicked sometime, too.

Last one I saw was Hairspray in NYC with Pilgrim, Fashionista and I.T.-ologist.

I'm glad you had fun *dancin' in the seats*!