Saturday, June 06, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 23

Ok, so now it's June, but you can't tell it around here by the weather. It's been nice, but cool. Let's bring on the heat please!!

Sunday - May 31

We went out of town to a high school graduation and on the way home a storm moved through. As the clouds started to break up, we saw such a beautiful sky.

Monday - June 1

Some friends of ours have 2 daughters who wanted to learn to ride horses, so for the past couple of years, they have used and shown ours. This year it has been especially great since our girls are off at college and not around here to ride them, and the horses love the attention!

Tuesday - June 2

Jay, Austin & I played Wii Golf. They play it all the time, so they always give me extra strokes when we play together. Tonight was one of the rare times I actually won! Woohoo!

Wednesday - June 3

ACK! The kids' little fair pigs got out! Time to chase them back to the barn and then to fix the fence! Oh, and just so you know....I got in trouble for taking this picture instead of trying concentrating on getting the pigs rounded up. I couldn't believe the guys didn't care that I hadn't taken a picture for today yet. :-P

Thursday - June 4

I was trying to do laundry, but Gabby had other plans for the pile of clothes. She was not very happy when I emptied this basket.

Friday - June 5

I went today to my stylist and got my hair highlighted. I'm way behind the times, as I had never had this done before. I had no idea I'd have a bazillion pieces of aluminum foil all over my head (and if you knew how thick my hair was, you'd know I'm not exaggerating when I say a bazillion!). It's brightened up for summer, and the hair underneath, which never sees sunlight, is now the same shades as on top, so that looks much better. Not too bad for a 45 yr old, huh? LOL Excuse the deer in the headlights look. I struggled keeping the camera still and was concentrating on that. LOL

Saturday - June 6

I have been battling terrible heartburn for a few days now, so I wasn't feeling great after lunch. I laid down on the couch for a bit and indulged in one of my guilty pleasure...watching COPS. That shows just cracks me up, and no matter how bad my day might be - just knowing I'm not one of those people always makes me feel better. :) Sorry about the quality of the photo. I took it with my cell phone.

That was our week, and I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Head over to Sara's and check out all the other great pictures you can see! Click on the link in the sidebar to go there.


fransmomma said...

your hair looks great!!!

sara said...

love your hair, but I love even more that the picture came before catching the pigs!! You go girl, yea project 365!!!

TCKK said...

Too funny about the pig picture. I would've done the same thing.

I love you hair. One of these days I'm gonna get brave enough to do that. I just use a little Sun-in to lighten mine. Yours looks much better!

2Thinks said...

Ditto the weather here. Our tomatoes need some heat! Love the pig. Horses are gorgeous. Your hair looks gorgeous. We are the same age. I still don't have my new coveted camera, still saving up. When I get it, I'll have more pics for my blog. For now, I have mostly words.

Becky said...

Our weather has been cooler too... global warming ya know ;-)

I would love to give your horses some attention.

LOL about the pig vs. pic I would have been taking the pic too.

The hair... da bomb :-D I love it! You look great!

tiffany said...

Great pics this week, as usual, LOVE the hair!!!

Lisa said...

Our families just have no appreciation for how hard we are working on this 365 project! :)

Your hair looks great! 45 years young, for sure!

Dena said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments on my hair and for giving me the support I so desperately needed after hubby gave me the "look" when he caught me taking the picture of the pig. They just don't get it, do they? hehehe

Susan D said...

I so would have taken the pig picture before helping them corral it. hahahaha Love your summer hair look. Blessings, SusanD

Kim said...

Love the hair! With lighter hair I've found the occasional highlight hides a lot of gray :-)

Of course you had to document the Daring Pig Escape with a photo! To do otherwise would be a disservice to your Project 365 audience.

Congrats on the Wii golfing win! (Any win is better than no win, extra strokes or not.)

Have a great week!

Liz said...

LOL Dena! I LOVE your week and can totally relate. So much of your week could easily be pieces out of mine. Wii...I understand your excitement; I am still waiting for my day! :) When I get my hair highlighted, it is so full of foil I feel like I am picking up signals. (my hair is very thick too)
And the pigs - I am all there!!!! My husband would have given me a look that, well, let's just say it would not been one to encourage my creative side! :)
Thanks for the joy today!

Kelly said...

Your hair looks mahvelous, dahling! And the pig. . . well, that's just too cute for words. Men. . . they just don't get it.