Saturday, June 13, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 24

Ok, almost half way into June and STILL no hot summertime weather. This is just crazy! I am so ready to complain about the humidity! Come on already! :P

Sunday 6-7

I went to my niece's dance recital along with my daughters. She's a very talented, sweet young lady and it was fun to watch her....and the costumes ~ WOW!

Monday - 6-8

Jay and I took the horses to the farriers to get their shoes put on, and Gabby rode along. Can you see just how enthused Jay was when I told him I wanted to get a 365 picture? At least Gabby smiled. LOL

Tuesday 6-9

What's wrong with this picture? Can you see it? I'll tell you what's wrong....What's wrong is that it's June and Austin is having to wear a lined jacket while mowing because it's that chilly out! He actually came in a few minutes later to put jeans on as well.

Wednesday 6-10

The high school boys have weight lifting & basketball practice 3 mornings a week. Today, Austin's cousin came home with him after practice for some intense Wii & PS2 action. See how Austin's not smiling? His exact words were "Jordan. Don't smile. This is going on her 365 page! Don't even look that way!" Poor Jordan was like "her what?" LOL What is with my guys and refusing to smile????

Thursday 6-11

The whole family went to see Mamma Mia. LOVED it! It was one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time, and it was so fun to be together as a family again. This is a picture of Chelsea holding the playbill and Ashley holding the program before the show started. See...they know how to smile! LOL

Friday 6-12

We had our small town annual festival this weekend. Unforutnately, this evening the weather didn't cooperate and allow a street dance like we were supposed to have, so the band had to be moved in doors, but it was still great fun! That's Jay's uncle playing the sax. He and the gray hair gentleman started a band with a couple of other buddies back when they were in high school, and they are going to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame on Labor Day. I'll write more about them on Mondays blog. They are awesome!

Saturday 6-13

While it was still a little chilly, at least the sun made an appearance in time for the festival parade through town. As is well known, you can't have a small town parade without giant tractors in it! :o)

Well that's another week for us. Hop over and see Sara at her site to check out her Project 365 pictures (she is the hostess), and while you're there you can see all other pictures people have taken. Click on the button in the sidebar to get there. Hope to see you again next week!


LuAnn said...

Enjoyed your pictures!! I am with you with the weather. I am not complaining either. But my neighbors pool is waiting for me and it is just too cold!!!
I love Mamma Mia - How fun!!!
And my son does the same thing when I take a picture with him in it. Boys!!

tiffany said...

LOL that is so funny about your Austin telling Jordan not to smile hahaha
Went to see Mama Mia in NYC with my Mom, it was soooo good!
Looks like a great week, hopefully the humidity will be gone soon, getting pretty sick of it here too...

sara said...

OK, I would really be planning a move south if it wasn't warm by now! I am a warm weather girl and am thrilled we are in the 90s!!!

family reactions are funny with 365! I wonder what they will be like in Dec?

great week!

Lisa said...

We've been complaining about lack of summertime weather in CT, too....especially after the winter we had!

Your girls are so pretty. What a treat to be able to have a fun night out with them!

Kelly said...

Well, maybe the rain that brought the street dance inside will push the cool air out and bring you some warm summer sun. There's nothing worse than the calendar telling you it's summer and the temperature outside telling you it's late winter. It's gonna get warm, though, and then HOT!

Loved all your pictures yet again. Love the peek inside your week. Such a treat.

Kim said...

I LOVE small town parades! Do people on the floats throw candy into the crowd for the kids? I've only seen part of one parade here and it was a bunch of gauchos on horseback. I'd like to see a WHOLE parade some time :-)

Musicals are so fun! Did the guys frown through that too? LOL

Have a great week!

skoots1mom said...

i'm sure you will be glad when warmer weather finally comes your way.
great pics
thx 4 sharing

Liz said... want summer? Visit my sun and tornadoes! bah humbug!
Mama Mia sounds wonderful! And my family is getting quick and the 365 project smile too! :)

Commenting on last week and the hair...I battle with it all the time!

TCKK said...

Enjoyed all the pics. Your kids are funny. Mine run and hide or put their hands over their faces!! Kids!

rita said...

So glad to catch up with you again. Looks like Sunday the 7th was dance recital day everywhere!