Sunday, June 21, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 25

*** I'm sorry I'm late posting this, but we've been gone camping all weekend, and then were at my parents house for Fathers Day.***

Sunday 6-14

This is a normal daily occurance around our house. Gabby and Tucker are almost always chasing each other, wrestling with each other, or playing tug-of-war with a toy.

Monday 6-15

This is our dwarf, red delicious apple tree. Isn't it adorable!? It's only 3 years old and we were told it'd be at least 4 years before we got any fruit off it at all. Last year we were thrilled to see 1 lonely apple, and this year this little tree is full of apples! A couple of years earlier than we thought it'd be. Woohoo! I can't wait to be able to walk out, pick an apple off the tree and eat it. mmmm!

Tuesday 6-16

Storm clouds rolled in, and I thought we might be in for it, but they passed by with only some rain. The rest stayed north of us.

Wednesday 6-17

Proof to my mother that I can't cook! Since we are going camping this weekend, I decided to make up some blueberry muffins to have for breakfast. The recipe called for baking them for 25-30 min. This was the result after only 20 min. I can't stand the way the house stinks when something gets burned...and we get that smell a lot! LOL *sigh*

Thursday 6-18

A morning storm rolled in and for a while it was so dark that our acreage security light (like a street light) came on. See the white streaks coming down? That's not rain....that's hail! Thankfully that only lasted a couple of minutes and it was mostly pea-sized, with an occasional marble-size piece.

Friday 6-19

I made up 20 kabobs today to take over to the lake for grilling at suppertime. Not that we'll eat that many, but this way if any of our friends camping with us want one, we have plenty. They consist of chicken, potatoes, red & green peppers, onions and grape tomatoes. So yummy...I love kabobs!

Saturday 6-20

My "light" Summer reading...ha! Actually, I ordered these from Amazon and they arrived today. I will use these more for reference in trying to learn more about my Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's. The Thyroid diet book is already well liked by Jay because it tells the good and not-so-good foods for me to be eating and Tofu is one of those not-so-good foods. He is always afraid I will try slipping Tofu into something I make and attempt to pass it off as meat. Now he says he has proof that I should never ever do that. LOL

Well there you have it....another week down. Please head over to see our hostess for Project 365, Sara, at her blog to see more 365 pictures if you haven't already. Click on the button in the sidebar to get there.


TCKK said...

The kabobs look really good. Hope the apples will be good for you. Looks like you have a bunch!

Elizabeth said...

I love kabobs but I haven't made any for a long time... thanks for the inspiration to make some again :-)

sara said...

I made kabobs last week...we love them!! I think we need to try to send some of our hot weather up to you!!

tiffany said...

Too funny, I have a picture of muffins on mine this week too, might have even been on the same day! lol

rita said...

Have fun camping!
We go next week to Cornerstone Music festival in Ill, our whole family + the teenager from Spain!