Monday, June 22, 2009

Two Times The Fun

A couple of weeks ago Jay said to me "You know, they have a jet ski for sale on the radio (our local radio station has a buy/sell live call-in show every day at noon)." I just said "Oh really?" ....curious as to where this was going, but that's all he said. The next day he mentioned that it was for sale again on the radio, so that meant no one had bought it yet. The 3rd day he said "I think I'm going to call on the jet ski." He mentioned that he had talked to good friends of ours and we were each going to buy half and share it.

This is good in theory, but let's think this through..... we have 3 kids. They have 3 kids. That means 1 jet ski for 6 kids and 4 parents. One jet ski - 10 people. Yea, that's never going to work.

Trying to be a good wife, I didn't say anything. But in my mind I kept thinking "I wonder how long it will be before we have a 2nd jet ski?" I didn't have to wait long to find out. A friend of Jay's mentioned he had one for sale, but hadn't used it in a long time, and would we like to test it out for him for the weekend to be sure it runs well. Why sure. We'd love to!

6 kids and 2 jet skis was much more fun, and by the end of the weekend, we were 1/2 owners of a second jet ski.

It really has been so much fun, and had we known it would been such a good way to get Ashley & Chelsea to come home from college every weekend, we would have bought them last year! They have been home a lot, and even brought college friends with them. Although this past weekend, 4 guys came with them and I'm not too sure how excited Jay was with that. LOL

They were great guys and I had planned ahead and had 12lbs of BBQ pork loin in crockpots all day and oh wow were they appreciative! They kept saying I was the best cook in the world, to which my family kept replying with "You don't know her very well do you?"

It's been a fun couple of weeks at the lake (which is conveniently only a mile from our house) and I'm sure we'll have many more this summer. Here's some pictures of our fun so far:

This is Chelsea and a friend

Ashley with one of her friends


Austin & Jay

Jay & Austin

Ashley & Chelsea

Austin & Ashley

While the lake we are on is a small lake, it's not the size of a bathtub, like it may appear in some of these pictures. We have a super zoom lens on our camera, so I am able to get really close while still sitting on the dock.

Oh, and in answer to your question, no I haven't been on them yet. Why?

1. Up until 2 days ago, we hadn't had any days even in the 80's yet, so the water was still very cold. I don't do ice cold water.

2. I've never been on a jet ski before, and have never been one to be too excited about trying new things. Especially things that could involve me falling off.

3. I have 3 kids that are way too eager to take me for a ride...which tells me they are betting on who can dump me off first.

I do plan to ride it, but I told Jay I want HIM to take me out there some evening during the week, when there won't be hardly anyone out there. I don't need a crowd around if it ends up I make a fool of myself. LOL


Susan D said...

I laughed at #3....I think you are spot on with that one. lol You might be surprised at how fun it is...riding and driving. Blessings, SusanD

sara said...

so that makes you the proud owner of one "whole" jet ski!!!

I love being on the jet ski, but I suggest you take your self out on it first. then you can control the speed and you will really enjoy it!!